Kim Kardashian Selfies Book: Actually Coming Soon!

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At the time, the Kim Kardashian sex tape made perfect sense.

Back then, where else could you see Kim Kardashian nude? What did you really know about this large-breasted brunette? Getting rammed by Ray J on camera was a logical big first step into the celebrity gossip world.

But E! News now confirms that Rizzoli imprint Universe will come out with a book titled “Selfish” in April 2015 that will sell for $19.95 and be 352 pages worth of Kim Kardadshian selfies.

Kim Kardashian Selfies Book

These leaves us with a number of questions:

  1. Why only 352 pages? Didn't Kim recently take 1,200 selfies in Thailand alone?
  2. Why would anyone pay money for something they can see for free on the Internet?

The book was allegedly inspired by greed a collection of Polaroid snapshots Kim gave to Kanye West for Valentine's Day.

But you can just surf the World Wide Web and toggle through as many Kim Kardashian selfies as you want... at no cost! Here, look. See what we mean for yourself:

Seriously, of all the ridiculous Kardashian family book ideas (below), this one takes the ludicrous cake.

Instead of spending $19.95 on "Selfish," we encourage you to set your money on fire. At least the flames will keep your warm.


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Her face is going downhill, fast.


so she has plans to dump kanye for good?

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