Kim Kardashian: North West Loves Kanye More Than Me!

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While Jay Z and Beyonce maintain tight control over Blue Ivy photos and rarely speak about their 2-year-old daughter in interviews, Kim Kardashian is busy making sure that North West is the most overexposed child on the planet.

North made her modeling debut within days of learning to walk (seriously) and photos of the directionally named superstar baby have been known to go for top dollar.

Yes, Kim even made North's first birthday into a media event, so it should come as no surprise that she's willing to talk about every aspect of the little girl's life in interviews...including which parent she seems to prefer.

We probably shouldn't be surprised by this one, but Kim revealed in a recent interview that Norri is the world's youngest Kanye fan:

"She's been saying daddy and dada for a really long time. Since she was seven months," Kim said in a recent interview. In the interest of saving face, she quickly added, "She says mama [too].  She said it the night before Mother's Day, but she doesn't say it much."

Wow. Talking at seven months and she knows when it's Mother's Day? If there's one couple we wouldn't have expected to create a genius baby, it's certainly Kimye. 

As for Nori's parental preference, that's kind of a no-brainer, don't ya think? Dad's always on the road or wearing diamond-studded Versace leather masks around the house, so it's a thrill whenever you get to see his face.

Meanwhile, mom's constantly making you pose for selfies, and it's gotta be kind of insulting when she spends hours Photoshopping your pics. You made the right call, Nori. 


MichelePosted at 2:32 AM on August 28, 2014  North is too cute,it breaks my heart that she Always looks so sad. I’ve never seen a baby that looks that sad all the time. I understand babies aren’t all smiles 24/7 but when north is with Kim she’s Always crying or looks like she’s about to cry. Its so sad.. And when Kim’s holding her it looks so unnatural. North never wraps her arms and legs around her. she just hangs off her and keeps her arms pulled away from her,while looking over her shoulder, for her nanny im sure.. I guess she never looks at Kim cause Kim’s plastic weird looking face would be pretty terrifying to a small child. I remember when Kim use to be so pretty, after she had that mouth surgery to expend the corners of her mouth her face changed so much she doesn’t look anything like she use to, her face is scary to look at to adults,Im sure its horrifying to a baby.. Even when Kim kisses her norths face is always turned away, she must not like the feeling of those hard injected lips.. The worst part is how she’s used as a prop or accessory to match her mothers outfits. I dont know how anyone can think that’s ok.She uses her daughter to match her outfits and its sick. Im not a hater,and i rarely comment on celebrities business but it truly is heartbreaking everytime i see a pic of Kim with her cute miserable fashion accessory daughter..Poor sad North.


And the nannies come next


If kim was around more maybe she know who her mom is n really be the one that takes care of her not some nanny

Top taciturn

Didn't Kims mom teach her anything? For the child to bond with Mom, Mom MUST be around the kid so the kid can recognize the mom. If Kim didn't galavant all over the globe swiching her booty left and right, the kid may recognize mom by her face, not her tush.


I have not seen such a cute picture since Michael Jackson adopted Bubbles.


........F*ggots in general always do.

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