Kim Kardashian Kashes in on "Charity" Auctions: She Made HOW MUCH Last Year?!

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Part of the reason that Kim Kardashian can afford a $20 million mansion while the rest of the world struggles with rent and mortgages, is that she takes advantage of every available opportunity to make a buck off of her name.

Projects like the Kim Kardashian video game would've been turned down by just about any other A-list celeb in Hollywood. And don't even get us started on Kim's book of selfies.

If cashing in on fame is the name of the game, then Kim is trouncing the competition. A new report from Radar Online, however, suggests that Kim may have taken her willingness to do anything to line her pockets to sickening new heights.

For years, Kim has bragged about selling her used clothes through eBay, with the proceeds going to charity. Now Radar claims to have uncovered evidence indicating that in 2013 only about $44,000 went to charity, with more than $400,000 going straight to Kim.

Yes, only about ten percent of the profits ended up going to charity, and while that's $44,000 that Life Change Community Church (a ministry founded by Kim's mom, Kris Jenner) may not have had otherwise, buyers made their purchases with the understanding that all of the money would be going to charity.

Which means, of course, that it's not unlikely that Kim could end up being sued for fraud. We didn't think it was possible, but Kim's made shooting a sex tape with Ray J look like an honest, respectable way to earn a living. 

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she has got to be the nastiest and most obscene person ever!!


listen: I saw the papers & the mansion owners are the record company of kanye's music and kanye himself.


the ebay auctions always state that 10% was going to charity so no case for fraud- do some research. and who cares what she does with her things- that donation amount is more than some people make- no matter what she does negatives will be found in it. she could give clothes to her friends but chooses to take the time and pay someone to take pics and list everything- that person probably takes 20% themselves like a normal listing agent does - so prob not all profit and she probably shilled a small portion of purchase price for the times (plenty were gifted to her im sure but still) Who cares? haters man

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