Kim Kardashian in Cornrows: Love Em or Loathe Em?

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Kim Kardashian showed off a very different look on Instagram last night.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted a pair of photos on her social media site, both of which included the sex tape star in cornrows.

"Had so many cool looks for this commercial I shot for Hype Energy USA," Kim wrote as a caption to the images.

Kim Kardashian Cornrows Photo
Kim Kardashian for Hype Energy USA

Back in April, Kendall Jenner rocked cornrows for Marie Claire, with the magazine getting in trouble for claiming this was some kind of "bold" and "epic" style.

(A handful of African-Americans took exception to that description, for understandable reasons.)

Back in 2010, meanwhile, Kardashian also tried out some cornrows.

They didn't last very long, making it clear what the star thought of that look. But what do YOU think?

Vote below: What do you think of Kim Kardashian in cornrows?


Totally horrible. Poor thing has really bad hair. She should really think about hair transplants or rogaine for women. She might also want to consult another hair stylist; one that knows how to do cornrows. My 8-year old niece could have done a much better job.


Sorry Eula...I agree with Renee. Although I don't agree with the "big thighs and hips" comment. They really aren't that big. Her figure however is not flattered by her ensemble. I don't like the braids either. Kim doesn't really have a great figure to begin with, contrary to popular belief. Too much fat grafting to the outer thigh area. Nicki Minaj has the same issue IMO. They look nice in certain clothes, like a lot of us, but not in all. Her figure was much better before the grafting. This is one of those "not so nice" unflattering looks for Kim. She looks better in bodycon styles, because they smooth the odd angles, especially with her short stature. Regardless of what any of our opinions might be regarding her look, I'm sure her bank account is still very "figure flattering". JM2C




Anything to draw attention to herself. I don't see anything wrong with her hips and thighs. She has a small waist.


He hair is not so much the issue as it is her big thighs and hips. As much as she makes such a big deal of working out, she certainly is not in shape.

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