Kim Kardashian Avoided Beyonce at the VMAs: Still Pissed Mrs. Carter Skipped Her Wedding!

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce had very different nights at the 2014 Video Music Awards.

Kim From the Neck Up
Beyonce Knowles Photograph

Earlier in the evening, Kim was slammed for texting during a tribute to slain teen Michael Brown.

Beyonce, on the other, hand received the Video Vanguard Award and closed out the show by performing a medley of her hits that was considered by many to be the the highlight of the event. 

So yeah, it was a rough night to be utterly talentless and surrounded by people who are actually rich and famous for good reason.

But sources say jealousy wasn't the reason that Kim avoided Queen Bey like the plague:

"Kim blames Beyonce for Jay Z skipping their wedding," an insider tells Radar Online. "Kim has absolutely no use for Jay and Beyonce and doesn't think they are worthy to be friends with Kanye."

"Beyonce made Kim feel very insecure and that isn't something she's used to. For a very long time, Kim didn't tell Kanye how she felt, but after Jay skipped their wedding, she let it all come out."

Yes, you read that right - Kim Kardashian thinks she's better than Jay Z and Beyonce.

If you ever finish laughing, take a moment and reflect on how sad that is. 


Kanye wanted Beyonce in the first place not kim


I think Beyonce can careless about Kim plus Kim need to stop cause her


Beyonce is not giving Kim Kardashian a thought period. Kim had no other choice but avoid Beyonce because Bey was not interested in any association with Kim. So the writer got this twisted why was Kim at the MTV VMA awards anyway. She was not invited her mother Kris paid to have Kim there to announce that male singer. Kim is a sorrowful piece of garbage and she knows for a fact Beyonce do not want any thing to do with her never has. That night was all about Beyonce and she killed it the woman made history on stage. all her fans and peers enjoyed the performance she gave. So if Kim was looking for or thought she deserved something tell her to go stick her head in the trash can.


Kimmy you will never be in the same league as Beyoncé ! Never have her talent or class. All bow to Queen Bey


I srsly doubt Bey even noticed. Something tells me she had more important matters on her mind. Love you Beyonce!


More importantly, why did that family of knuckleheads show up for the VMAs??!! Kim looking like a wet horse covered in some blanket and the two Morticia-looking creatures had no place there.

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