Kendra Wilkinson SLAMMED By Mom: She Sucks! Show is SO FAKE (But Hank Did Cheat)!

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Kendra Wilkinson recently rekindled her relationship with her mother in the wake of the Hank Baskett cheating scandal, but the reconciliation was short lived.

So says Patti Wilkinson, in an interview lamenting the renewed estrangement.

“After news of Hank’s affair broke, I was there for Kendra the second she needed me. I drove up to see her and got to spend time with my grandchildren," she says.

"It felt like old times, but then things took a turn for the worse. She just stopped talking to me,” Patti said, adding that “It was like a switch flipped."

K-Dubs, she says, believed her long-estranged mom to be the leak of the awesome story that Kendra flushed her wedding ring down the toilet.

Patti-Dubs adamantly denies any responsibility there, saying "I told her that it had to have been someone in her inner circle, but she didn’t believe me."

"She became very short with me and began pushing me away again. I feel very used. I’ve asked her, ‘Why do you hate me?’ and she doesn’t answer.”

Kendra and Hank are reportedly filming their reality show Kendra On Top and chronicling their marriage woes in spite of - or because of - the scandal.

Not unlike Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, the convenient timing and obvious celebrity gossip interest in the duo led to rumors that it's all a sham.

But would Hank really agree to feign having gotten with Ava London (below)?

It seems unlikely, after she came forward, but you can't help but wonder.

This theory was bolstered when Hank and Kendra were spotted in Costa Rica, where she was apparently reconciling with her estranged father, Eric.

What does Patti say about that particular run-in?

"I knew they went there with a planned a story line where, because of Hank’s infidelity, Kendra felt it was important to reconnect with her estranged dad,” she said.

"Kendra and Hank are all about the ratings."

That they are. Patti adds, "just days before, I was picking her up off the floor, and now she can’t even tell me that she’s going to see her father, who left us."

"Not to mention," the elder Wilkinson recalls her daughter lamenting to her that, "that she went with a guy who just cheated on her with a tranny.”

“Those two are so caught up in the show. It’s all Kendra thinks about. It’s disgusting, especially when you are hurting your own mother. I can’t do this anymore."

So ... if you believe her mom, Kendra Wilkinson's entire show is staged, and her priorities are very screwed up, but Hank really did hook up with Ava London.

Good to know, Patti. Good to know.


I believe the mother. Kendra's brain is not formed right.....something in that head of hers is just not right. I believe the show is staged. Her and tori should get a room tighter for thinking the public are interested in their dirty sheets. They are both washed up. Tori needs money to stay afloat and does kendra. Anybody who promotes their show should find a head doctor. I am not interested in such trash. Kendra leaks her own trash to the tabs and I bet Tori also does. Poor kids of both those trashy broads.


What a nice mom, I see how kendra ended up with heff.


When you were rode hard and put away wet, then let out a video of the whole thing, you will get exactly what you were advertising for. Who really knows why Hank put a ring on her finger. Maybe he was hoping she'd be a ho in the sheets and a fine lady on the streets. Must not have worked out that way. Sorry mommy dearest, your and your seed's 5 minutes of fame is over.


Who was the one that took all she could get when Kendra was living at the Mansion mommy dearest? It seems that you are the one that misses all the freebies, plastic surgery etc shut your mouth you are making a fool of yourself. As for picking Kendra up of the floor that's what mothers do!!!!!!!


I believe it


caring moms tell the truth.


Don't be mad mom! She let you back into her life just long enough for you to get more info so you could make more $$ off the tabloids. You should be grateful, because after all, that's what you are after. I$n't it?? Sure seems that way. From here it looks like YOU are the one that sucks and that you have no idea how a mother is supposed to act. Go crawl back under your rock.

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