Kendra Wilkinson: Partying With Robin Thicke! Totally Getting Divorced (Friend Says)!

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Having met with a divorce lawyer to assess her crumbling union, Kendra Wilkinson also needs to let loose to make sure she doesn't get totally depressed.

Enter Robin Thicke, a man who knows a thing or two about crumbling marriages!

Stepping out with her girlfriends for the second time in as many weeks, the mother of two had dinner at Aventine Hollywood before hitting up a nearby lounge.

Hank and Kendra Pic
Laying It on Thicke

"Kendra had a couple of drinks ... she was being social and dancing," says the source, who notes that Thicke and rapper Too Short hung with her.

"It was a super fun night, but nothing too crazy." Like closing down the club.

That said, things on the home front are less of a party.

Despite reports that Kendra is looking to capitalize on Hank Baskett's cheating scandal, People sources say there's likely no going back to him now.

"She's definitely had conversations with divorce lawyers about everything from finances to custody," a Wilkinson  source says. "It's just a matter of time."

Things began falling apart in July, when reports surfaced that Baskett stepped out with a transsexual model named Ava London while Wilkinson was pregnant.

London admitted this in interviews and allegedly passed a lie detector test to back it up, at which point Hank was forced to confess to his crushed spouse.

The estranged duo are still living together as they film her reality show Kendra on Top, but "they're definitely not sleeping in the same room," a pal says.

"She keeps her distance from him. She tries to keep things light for [the two kids]. She wants to make the healthiest decision possible," the friend says.


Baskett fumbles again!


She was a h---ker, and Thicke pays for it, so ....


No one should be surprised that Hank Baskett is on 'the Downlow".
Homosexuality is rampant in the black community


Hank knew her passed what sad he knew she grew with out a father .Hank is scum for open marriage so what many people have one Kendra is good looking it bad he cheated but with a freak you can tell he a man o buy way this not the first time it happen

@ kwhit1516

The word is "past"...


Here's a big shocker, what makes her any better than him.. she may be separated but flaunting it isn't healthy for her kids either. She was no angel in their marriage either, she was always flaunting herself to other people, attention hound, so two sides of every story and in the middle is the truth!

@ Denise Hoopes

Flaunting is one thing!! Cheating is a totally different thing!! She obviously is better then him, since he couldn't take his marriage vows seriously... She is separated and has a right to move on with her life, and if that is without him, then she can go out and enjoy herself!! Why not he sure did, and ALOT more then she is.. remember he cheated NOT her!!

@ fordfusiongirl

And we all know she didn't cheat how? Maybe she just hasn't gotten move on with your real life this is all crap

@ Denise Hoopes

Denise, I never got people like you! You are going so out of your way to bash another woman!! Do you think if she cheated the media wouldn't have blasted that all over the news? Flaunting it?...What is the poor girl supposed to do, sit home and continue to cry?! You're a jealous old lady....get a life!

@ sugarandspice

I second this. Sure, we don't know if she was completely faithful throughout their marriage, but why assume she wasn't? Why assume she wasn't an angel? You sound miserable, Denise.

@ Vanessa

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. It is a human weakness, good or bad, right or wrong.. if they love each other they will work it out. For the record @Vanessa/sugarandspice... I am not bitter or miserable, I have been where she is and it does hurt but if you love someone you work through your problems... perhaps you both should look inside yourselves....

@ Denise Hoopes

DO you know he is gay... he cheated with a transgender!! what is there to work out!! He is attracted to men that look like woman... WHY on earth would she try and work it out!!

@ Denise Hoopes

Denise, wake up...HE'S GAY!!! Omg...

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