Kendall Jenner Denies Bill Stiffing, Labels Money-Throwing Rumor "Ridiculous"

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Kendall Jenner is many things:

A model. A reality star. An 18-year old who far too often poses shirtless.

But there is one thing Kendall Jenner swears she is NOT: a deceptive cheapskate.

Earlier this week, a story surfaced in The New York Post that alleged Jenner and friend Hailey Baldwin were dining at New York City's Mercer Kitchen and left without paying their $60 bill.

A Kendall Jenner Selfie

The waitress (an aspiring actress named Blaine Morris) wrote on Twitter that she chased Kendall town, told her about the money owed and that Jenner hurled a wad of cash in her face in response.

But there's just one problem with this report, according to Baldwin and Jenner: It isn't true!

Baldwin’s rep says his client simply believed the meal “was paid for” and that Kendall was “polite” when told they were actually short.

Kendall, meanwhile, took to Twitter yesterday and tried to clear the air with a couple of messages.

"These rumors r absolutely ridiculous!" she writes. "I would never throw money in anyone's face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that."

The teenager then concluded: "Said it once and I'll say it again, don't believe everything you read!"

Fair enough. But we once read there was a Kim Kardashian sex tape. Is that true, Kendall?

Janie gibson

I wouldn't believe a word out of her trashy, lying mouth. Grow up! You're not a diva or a model, just another illiterate high school dropout.

@ janie

Not a K fan by a long shot, but she didn't drop out. She completed school with private tutors.


why is it that i do not believe Kendall........So full of herself.....i just can not see some waitress making this story up.....So i guess Kendall was brought up at 18 it would be so great 2 show all her body parts 2 the world,,,,,,,And education was not inportant......''Oh'' yes and of course always 2 have manners.....Kendall grow-up you really are just a simple teenager .....

@ Carmen Acosta

Not a K fan by a long shot (any of them), but I can see a waitress who's also an actress wannabe possibly making it up for attention and exposure.
It it's true, why didn't the waitress get a video of herself chasing Kendall down for payment or at least get a picture of the unpaid meal receipt? Also, in most restaurants, the wait staff doesn't chase down an unpaying customer, the manager or assistant manager generally does.
So I'm not sure who to believe here.
I'm just pretty sure if the watress/actress wannabe were telling the truth, she'd have gotten a video or picture of something to prove her statement.

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