Keeping Up With the Kardashians Stars: Catch the Thief or WE WALK!

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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are drawing a line in the sand, saying they refuse to film the planned 10th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The reason for the sisters' ultimatum? The person or persons stealing their money and jewelry, a surprisingly common occurrence for the famous family.

It's the alarming frequency of these thefts - three in 2014 alone - that has the Kards konvinced it's an inside job, and threatening to pull the plug on their own show.

The Kardashian Siblings

Family sources say Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are sure whoever has stolen many thousands of dollars from them works for the show in some way.

In July, a thief stole $4,000 from Kourtney and Scott Disick - who obviously had that in a briefcase, cash, in the Hamptons - in the smallest heist of the three.

Prior to that, $50,000 (!!) was ganked from Kourtney's Calabasas home, while Khloe was robbed of jewelry totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars.

All appear to be inside jobs, with no signs of forced entry.

The three women say they have done everything they've been asked to do to thwart the thief or thieves, from beefing up security to putting up more cameras.

They've even rotated their support staff, but still this keeps happening. They reportedly want the entire crew of Keeping Up to take lie detector tests.

Filming for Season 10 of KUTWK is set to begin in October, but the ladies are playing hardball with E! and saying it's over until this case is closed.

We're not sure we believe that, but we can understand their paranoia. Not Kanye worrying about drones electrocuting North paranoia, but it's getting there.

On the one hand, you probably shouldn't have thousands of dollars in paper money sitting around, which is kind of asking for it. On the other hand?

Pilfering your employers' possessions? Very not cool.


Publicity stunt just for more fabricated storylines to be written to keep on Rotation so that there will be 10th season. The wicked family already knows who is behind everything and one thing for sure it's all insured big time. So no money really loss at all think out of the BOX. First it is was kourtney someone stole from her home,then khloe,while moving out of her home,and it seems like she was blaming lamar's friends connections, then it was kris jenner while in Versailles with kimmykakes-Botox,now it's kourtney again who once again leaves CASH out come on who does stupid things like that of course money will come up missing. It is one of them or themselves stealing from themselves think about the storylines ok. Fabricated storys if it was a concern from the past during the first ROBBING why wasn't the thieves arrested because the whole family knows who is plotting everything and beside I thought they keeps CAMERA'S EVERYWHERE. Think out of the box, are these stories faked just to keep more fabricated LIES for their non reality show to stay on ROTATION. Better than why ask kendall,kylie's associations with all the BAD Boys coming and spending time in their home who is to really say who stealing from all of them. WHO is the MOLE in the Kardashians/Jenner's home.LOL I believe that everything is fabricated lies if so many of them has been robbed and nothing wasn't ever done to find the ones stealing or robbing them of course it would be an inside JOB. THEMSELVES yes people this things happens all the time, I worked for Oakland Police Department many many years ago and believe me if this family is being robbed it is by their OWN DECEITFUL Hands. Think out of the box. Remember cameras don't lie weren't the cameras filming everything I thought they film everything on SITE. LOL It is what it is prayers for the lies this family puts out into the media. God knows everything it is what it is.LOL


This is not really about a theft.Kim does not want to film the 10th season so she can have more time to raise her monkey child.

@ Louis

I hope someone punches you right in your racist face. Ignorant scum like you should be rounded up and beaten with sticks.

@ Louis

Lol,the nannies are raising the child. Kims to busy taking selfies of her stumpy botoxed self.


Oh please don't do another season! The world would be a much better place.

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