Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: Dating For Real?!

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Are Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild together again, and not just professionally?

Just when it looked like the reality star and her bodyguard had parted ways, they were spotted together again, renewing speculation about the nature of their relationship.

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Longtime sidekick Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin parted ways recently, allegedly because his wife was not happy about the state of their working partnership.

Soon enough, though, the two reconciled and were seen again with her twin girls, Mady and Cara, then on a family vacation together with all eight kids.

Now a report claims that Neild, who has two grown kids, has his own room in Gosselin’s Pennsylvania home, where he “spends one week a month with Kate."

Sound suspicious at all? How could it not?

“Kate acts like she and the children are one big happy family. She wants him to be the dad so badly,” a source close to the Gosselin family dished.

This rumor is very far from the first of its kind - not that we necessarily give credence to the supermarket tabloids that report 99 percent of this gossip.

Nevertheless, the Kate and Steve romance chatter has only intensified after they recently cut ties with each other, only to link back up in short order.

“People at TLC suspected that something was going on and warned Jon,” a source said, alleging that one of the children even caught Steve and Kate kissing.

“Steve actually got reassigned after that, but Kate argued and brought him back ... [nevertheless] the kids think Kate and Steve’s relationship is gross."

"They’ve even said to him, ‘You’re not my dad.'”

Ouch! The source concluded by saying Kate feels “protected and not alone” with Neild, and that “she likes having Steve around. Kate controls the situation.”

Okay, that last part we completely believe.


Actually I thought that the city or county in which the Gosselins live will be putting the kids through College so Kate doesn't have to save for that.


all the haters bashing Kate...if you dislike her so much then why are you so concerned with making her romantic life your business?? If you hate her and want her to go away then change the channel and stop posting in forums about her!

@ T Dubs

People dislike another horrid mom, Casey Anthony and like Kate, we can talk about it. If you don't like it Tessa, go away or deal with it. Other wise, you're problem not anyone else's. It's not hate, it's just most people don't support a POS like Kate and will not watch the POS show either. TLC will lose more viewers for sure and gain none. Oh, wait-the sheepie will turn all the TV's on they have-LMBO. To up the number for viewer ratings. Haha, even kate's website can't count, it adds way more hits than it gets. We all know everything kate is fake and pathetic. You're so upset over people posting in forums Tessa, take a chill pill. It's ok, Kate will forever try and use her kids for money. She will get some one to respond and do it just like a sweatshop gets kids to work, there is no difference. When you use a child for profit that's just what it is. A job and a child made to work to earn money, no matter how much or for whomever is getting the money. In this case, Kate gets the money and is made to put some (very little) up for the kids as of not long ago. It's still selling your kids by making them work to earn money for themselves-period.

@ Payten

WoW you sure are living on the hate and judgmental wagon huh?! Why would you even attempt to compare Kate Gosselin to Casey Anthony? Your post is pathetic amd makes no sense anyway. You think you know so much about Kate, and her personel life. Try haveing 6 kids to teach, cook for, and feed, do laundry for, dicipline, entertain, driver them here, there, and everywhere. and deal sith a lot of whinning, complaints, etc. You know nothing about her life. You and ALL Kate hater's are just plain jealous, and nasty people. she is not perfect, but neither are you, me, or anyone else!

@ Payten

you're sick for comparing her to a child murderer. But that aside, never said I was "so upset" and no need for chill pills here! Hate filled novel-length comments like yours are my entertainment!!!


Brad can cheat on Jen and its glorified but not even knowing whats true here we rip her a part. She has kids and people need to remember they are able to read what you write about her.


Hey, they are adults. Its not our business.

@ Jeannie

right but when Kate lied and said Jon was cheating, you were all over in Jon's business right?

@ James

Actually, No. I was not all over either one of their business. It's their lives.


no no no, it's a joke, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


She is such a disgusting piece of crap! Mother of the year! Her cha cha is thinking for her not her brain. Can u imagine? She would be directing him on how to do it. Control freak!

@ Aussie cathie

And how is your cga cga doing these days? Your comment sure does show where your mind is!

@ Bon

Very well thank you . Thanks for asking...

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