Justin Bieber Clutches Liquor Bottle, Grabs Crotch, Is SO Very Tough

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It looks like Justin Bieber has been hanging out a little too much with Chris Brown.

Because the young artist has started to beat women? Thankfully... no.

But Bieber has started to emulate Brown in another way, as Chris never met a photo op he didn't treat as an opportunity to totally thug out.

With that in mind, we present the following image of Bieber helping Kylie Jenner celebrate her 17th birthday over the weekend, hanging at a house party with the guest of honor, clutching a liquor bottle, grabbing his crotch and making a face that screams:


Justin Bieber with Liquor

Sorry, JB, but nope. Wrong. So very, very, very wrong.

We feel a need to also point out that Justin Bieber is only 20 years old.

But if prosecutors didn't put him in jail for egging a neighbor's house, we somehow doubt he'll be charged with drinking underage.

Bieber did NOT win any Teen Choice Awards last night, with young fans perhaps sending their ex-favorite a message regarding his run of ridiculous behavior.

Based on how he comes across above, however, do you think Justin cares at all?


There will come a day when KARMA will suck so bad for all of them... no amount of fame or money can stop KARMA! JB KEEP PLAYIN' PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE YOU'RE NOT, THEN SEE HOW QUICK YOU MEET UP WITH KARMA!


JB looks dirty. Like he hasn't showered in several days. KJ looks impressed by his filthiness. Ick. Bottom feeders.

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