Justin Bieber Bragged That Miranda Kerr "Made Him a Man," Says Source

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New information about the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber fight seems to surface daily, and while we currently have no way of knowing which side of the story is true, we do know that it's all gloriously entertaining.

For example, everything that's coming from Justin's camp awesomely highlights just how delusional the Biebs truly is.

Last week, we learned that Bieber thinks he won the fight ... despite the fact that he didn't even attempt to throw a punch.

Today, we received word that not only is Bieber claiming he banged Miranda Kerr while she was married to Bloom, he also says the Victoria's Secret model promised to "make him a man."

The Biebs in Cannes
Miranda Kerr Topless Pic

"Bieber would brag about it while he was in the studio," says one source. The alleged incident took place in 2012, and Justin's friends say he's been bragging about it ever since.

It's very much unclear exactly what happened between Kerr and Bieber (though, we hope not much, as Bieber would've been barely legal at the time).

Whatever it was, many insiders have indicated that, directly or indirectly, it helped bring about the end of Orlando and Miranda's marriage.

Regardless, there's one person who clearly isn't bothered by any of this: Orlando Bloom.

Video of Bloom doing a happy dance in Ibiza over the weekend clearly demonstrates that Orly's only care in the world is locating the next party. 

Hopefully Justin is there and it's his bodyguard's day off, because - and we don't think we're alone here - we would love to see a rematch with Bloom.

We're not saying someone should punch Justin Bieber just for the sake of it, but at the same time, if someone decides to do so, we totally understand.

Here are 25 reasons why:


Kerr made him a man. Who made him a douche?


Justwhenbeaver is not even close to being a man


Bloom is a pitcher. Bieber is a catcher. I rest my case


If Bieber really did sleep with Kerr it is the first sure sign of the apocalypse. And I say that as a full-blown atheist. That's right, if the Bieb's truly engaged in coitus with Kerr I would immediately convert to Christianity. May God have mercy on our souls. Surely the Four Horsemen will be upon us soon.


LOLZ (<--- sarcastic). Nobody could make him a man!


What? he took out her trash?


Justin Bieber is that stupid kid that everyone wants to punch in the face


Made him a man? I knew it. He is / was a little girl all along.


If a man is bragging about a sexual conquest, there is a 99.9% chance he is lying.


I'm going to have to bet that most homo's wouldn't even be interested in that.

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