Joan Rivers: On Life Support, Family "Hopeful" Comedian Will Survive

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Joan Rivers is on life support and may be on the verge of death.

The comedian, who was hospitalized on Thursday after she stopped breathing during throat surgery, is reliant on machines at the moment to stay alive.

According to TMZ insiders, the celebrity's family (which includes daughter Melissa, of course) will be forced to decide how it wishes to proceed over the next few days.

They remain "hopeful," the site writes, that Rivers will somehow pull through even after going off life support.

Rivers was upgraded to stable condition a few hours after being admitted to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and it's unclear just what complications have arisen since.

We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to Joan and all her loved ones.


so she must be broke?


Don't like her, never have, would not wish her dead but that comment of hers on the people of Palestine ... May not have helped her! Nasty terrible disgusting words!!!!!

@ Aussie cathie

I too would not wish her dead but with that comment and several others such as Robin Williams was a coward, even though her husband took his own life she was not very nice about that. She also made a comment about the girls in Cleveland should be lucky, they had more room than she does at her daughters house. I know that she is a comedian and like a friend of mine said, that is what she is known for. Um, there are comedians that say trashy things but she crosses a line that makes her a vile person.

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