Jenelle Evans' Dog Stolen; Pair of Idiots Charged With Larceny

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has had her share of brushes with the law, but in this rare case, it looks like she's the victim instead of the accused.

Karri Lynn Morris of Trenton, N.J., and Devyn Rae Norman of Leland, N.C., allegedly jacked Jenelle and her fiance Nathan Griffith's husky last month. Not cool.


The girls, now facing larceny charges, were reportedly prodded by a blogger named Casie D. Addison to take the pooch from the Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Morris and Norman claim they called the police, reporting "animal cruelty," as they said "the dog is always left outside." Officers found nothing amiss.

Later, after the police had left the scene, Morris and Norman took off with the animal. They were arrested and face serious criminal charges for the act.

Pretty crazy. Jenelle Evans has her share of non-fans, and in many cases has done little to discourage such behavior thanks to her own questionable antics.

This is taking things way, way over the line, though.

We're not justifying spiteful comments on celebrity gossip sites or social media, but to take that to the next level and steal a dog from her family?

That's taking stalking to a dangerous level.

Like her or not, it's no wonder the MTV star wrote on Facebook in response to the scary incident that she can't wait to move to a new residence.


She clearly doesn't like the husky as shown on the show. Why doesn't she just turn the dogs over to rescue who will place them in a good home. Also, have both of those dogs in that small crate. Really? A pit bull and a husky? They didn't have enough room to lay down and God forbid there was a fight between them. She should be charged with cruelty. She's a total idiot.


Not surprised this happened with the uproar on twitter over the last episode, it's only going to continue until someone steps up and takes those dogs away. Surprised no animal rescue has or peta even. Even though it's illegal, good on these people for trying to help. Hopefully something permanent happens.


The real 2 idots are Jenelle Evans and whatever appendage she has in her at the time


I agree! Charges should be dropped. Sure they made an emotional decision to save a dog after getting no help from authorities. Clearly they are not crazed fans but animal lovers who are now paying the price. Very unfortunate. There are far worse crimes out there that need to move through the justice system. This is a ridiculous "crime" to pursue in my opinion. Now that the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 has aired have the appropriate authorities revisited this dog owner? Clearly these girls were just ahead of the game.


really?! Charges should be dropped after the last episode where she beats it and screams at it and then lets it run wild....She should have both of those dogs taken away!!!

@ m

Agreed! I was so upset when I saw that idiot hitting the dog for going potty on the floor after he was locked up all day! Really? How was he supposed to hold it? Why have those dogs if they are in cages all day? It breaks my heart!

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