Elephant Slam Dunks Basketball: Your Move, Air Bud!

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Elephants may be large and seemingly very slow.

But they are surprisingly spry!

We've seen elephants play soccer. We've seen them attack Kim Kardashian when the former sex tape star tried snapping a selfie.

And now we're witnessing an elephant from theĀ African Lion Safari Zoo in Cambridge, Ontario slam dunk a basketball. For real!

His name is Chuck. But let's all agree to call him LeBron, shall we?

Anxious to see more elephants in viral actions?

No problem! We've got you covered!


just so you are aware, the training that goes into making an elephant perform such a trick is quite barbaric. bullhooks, ropes and pulleys are used to get an elephant to stand on its back feet. not only is the process of training horrible, but it is also terrible on their bodies. when you have young elephants perform tricks like this it degrades their joints and can cause permanent problems. this park had an elephant named 'calvin' that became permanently deformed because of the impact that the tricks he learned had on his body. although it may appear cute on the outside, it is actually quite terrible.


this is such cheap loser-news, I won't react.

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