Ed Sheeran on Miley Cyrus Feud: I Don't High-Five People I Don't Know!

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Some believe that Miley Cyrus called Ed Sheeran an a--hole while he was walking up to accept the VMA for Best Male Video on Sunday night.

Miley Cyrus Calls Ed Sheeran an A-hole?

It's hard to tell from the GIF above, but those who have rewound the clip obsessively, as well as a few anonymous sources in the crowd swear that Miley let the a-word fly.

In fact, just about everyone acknowledges that Miley talked smack to Ed Sheeran...except for Ed Sheeran.

"Well, I don't know why people were expecting it," said Sheeran in response to the observation that he high-fived Scooter Braun on his way to the stage, but seemed to dodge Miley. 

"There was a high-five between me and Scooter because I know him. And that was the only high-five."

Asked whether or not Miley called him any names during his time in the spotlight, Sheeran cleverly dodged the question:

"I think she's a fantastic artist," he told E! News. "She's got a great voice and writes great songs."

But did she use that great voice to call you an a--hole, Ed? It's sounding more and more like the answer is yes.

Don't take it personally. Miley was probably just trying to show off for her fake homeless date.


They are making to much of it, he wasn't high- 5 ing alot of other people sitting there.Just because Miley was looking for more attention doesn't mean he had to give it to her.


The takeover by the British, Canadian, NZ and OZ entertainers is almost complete in the US.




He is such a gentleman, Trashbag got offended boo-hoo! Care factor zero....


Ed is a classy guy. He is not going to stoop down to trailer trash level...ever. Its not in his DNA. He will leave the classless behavior to the classless people.

@ LilE

Like Miley ;)

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