Drake: Rihanna is SATAN!

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Rihanna is the Devil, according to Karrueche Tran. And also Drake, at least if we're interpreting this video footage from his recent concert accurately.

Subtly, but clearly, the rapper is singing "Days of East" when a fiery 6 appears, followed by a Rihanna pic, another 6, another Rihanna photo and a third 6.

666. The mark of the Beast. That being Rihanna.

The imagery seems pretty clear, don't you think?

While Rihanna and Drake broke up, and Drake and Chris Brown's bromance has heated up in the ensuing months, we didn't think there was bad blood.

Not Satanic-level bad blood at least. Yikes.

Chris was denied entry into Canada this week, where he was supposed to perform with Drake. So far, has hasn't called her out in this kind of fashion.

He did beat her senseless, of course.

Maybe it's all designed to fuel the gossip that sells records and concert tickets, or just Drake goofing off to see if anyone will notice (well played if so).

But if he is serious that he thinks Rihanna is Satan, all we can say is that while this seems harsh, Rihanna Twerks like a woman possessed ... by something:


After Rihanna’s 5th degree Illuminati Initiation, which is actually higher than both Jay-Z and Beyonce, she got the power of possession & became big headed….drunk with Lucifer’s wine. All of her human-ness was castrated out of her soul. The girl is evil.
What is the Illuminati Ritual for a living human to posses another living human? It is a very guarded secret by the Illuminati but I can tell you that it involves the invoking of demons, to act as an aid in the training of Out of Body Travel, that enables one to “at-will” rip their soul away from its fleshy house.
This Illuminati Ritual can only take place between April and September because anything after September and before April is considered the “dead zone” by the Illuminati meaning that one’s energy can not be controlled due to the Sun being further away from the Earth around these months and of course in the lower Hemisphere of the Earth, this ritual time frame is reversed.
Now there are only about 30 black people that live in West Hollywood and after Rihanna stated up her demonic attacks on Chris Brown he was waking up with screaming fits and even had cases of levitation. In fact, Chris Brown was actually about to be dragged to court by his neighbors for disturbing the peace, when in reality his problems were all due to his involvement with Rihanna.
Since Chris Brown is back seeing Rihanna, which he never really stopped even after I warned him about that girl, I feel that our confidentiality agreement is null & void.
(Chris Brown took this tat because he knew that the world blamed him for Rihanna beating herself up, due to her demonic fits of rage & possession, and I am happy that he is working through his issues. Rihanna has turned the entire world against him, so that she may have him all to herself.)
I had to go to Chris Brown’s place, when he was still living in West Hollywood and down the block from me, on about five occasions to aid him with exorcising Rihanna.
Anyone that follows Chris Brown and Rihanna you will see that Rihanna is and has always been the aggressor in that cluster duck of drama, which they call a relationship. Rihanna has always said, “If I cant have Chris Brown then no one can have him” and in public she has always harassed the model girl (Karrueche) that Chris Brown was dating.
Just like a demon, which possesses a home and attacks a teen-age child, tries to isolate their human target; so does Rihanna attempt to isolate Chris Brown. Rihanna moves like a demon moves..

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