Doug Gotterba to Publish John Travolta Tell-All, Tales of Six-Year Gay Affair

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John Travolta's alleged ex-lover, Doug Gotterba, is planning to publish a shocking tell-all about the six-year romance he says he had with the star next year.

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Gotterba, who has been making these claims for years, says that Travolta, now 60, first seduced him as he interviewed to be the actor’s pilot in September 1981.

That first day, he says, led to a lasting relationship.

“John was gentle, but very passionate,” Doug Gotterba, 62, recalls. “The next day, he told me, with a big smile on his face, ‘I really enjoyed last night.'"

"And I told him, ‘So did I.'”

That gentle, passionate sexual being and the pilot secretly dated for six whole years, the latter says, and traveled the globe together in the process.

He even insisted that he and the sex symbol engaged in intercourse after the star famously danced with Princess Diana at the White House in 1985.

The pair split in 1987, when Gotterba claimed Travolta’s insatiable sex drive became unbearable for him. At a certain point, he couldn't handle this any more.

“John demanded that I come to his house at all hours of the day and night [for sex],” he explained, and while that sounds absurd, he swears it's accurate.

He's not the first man to call John Travolta gay, nor the last.

Several guys have alleged first-hand experience on the topic in recent years, truthfully or not; Carrie Fisher even said at one point that the actor is.

Travolta went on to marry actress Kelly Preston in 1991.


It's not uncommon for rich people to live double lives, being able to do anything they want and a different alibi by the min...


Considering that Travolta has been happily married for 20+ years with three children and an unblemished career, such a claim is completely absurd. This disgusting toad, Gotterba is a deranged individual who has sunk so low as to actually publish his delusions in a "tell-all" fable. It is shocking the depths that lying, immoral perverts will sink to. Travolta is of one of Hollywood's truly high-class, clean-cut celebrities, who as anyone knows is a genuinely compassionate, warm human being. This is no more than a rusty knife in the back from a former "friend" with the aim of achieving notoriety and hopefully lining his pockets by dragging the name of a real Hollywood star through some concocted filth.

@ cairnsian

If it's so far fetched, then why have other claims been made by other men? Have you never heard of bi-sexual or men being married, but gay also? And furthermore his religion doesn't allow gays. Another reason to hide it. Or maybe the biggest reason?

@ cairnsian

Sounds like you're afraid he might be gay? Nothing wrong with being gay. A marriage, children and great career does not mean someone can't ALSO be gay. Travolta is an exceptional actor --- no doubt about it. and Gotterba was not speaking "filth" as you say....He was speaking about his relationship with John. So what?

@ larissa

I can agree...and the only reason I am is because some people have problems of "coming" out so do what they want people to believe. Im not saying he is Gay who knows though.

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