Chris Pratt Downs Vodka, Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

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It's apparently not enough for Chris Pratt to own the movie world, or even the celebrity rapping world, these days.

He must also own the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

As most Internet users know by now, the Ice Bucket Challenge has been making its way around social media, with stars and everyday folks alike having chilled water dumped on them in order to raise awareness of this debilitating disease.

Pratt, the awesome dude behind Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, initially tries to take a different approach to the challenge in the following video. An alcohol-based approach.

But give it a minute and then watch as ice water comes cascading down on Pratt, again and again and again and, yes... again.

Who else has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge in Hollywood? Who hasn't it?!?

But here's a look at a couple recent favorites:

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this will be his effort to look tough in life..........


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Hey Hollywood Gossip, How about removing the gif of the Kartrashian Pimp scratching her head? It's been there forever and it really lokks like she has a case of head lice.