Brandi Glanville Disses LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian, Reality Show in Awesome Tweet

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If you were ever on the fence in the ongoing Team LeAnn Rimes vs. Team Brandi Glanville feud, there's one thing that will likely get you off that fence:

LeAnn & Eddie. The couple's reality show is that bloody terrible.

Peace Out Brandi
Mr. & Mrs. Cibrian

Brandi Glanville has always held a certain place in our hearts due to her unfiltered nature, unabashed sarcasm, underrated wit and occasional charm.

Not to mention how amazing she looks in a bikini. Wowza.

Well, Rimes proves with each passing week how she and Cibrian are completely unable to demonstrate similarly redeeming qualities. On the contrary.

If you've been watching LeAnn & Eddie, and we feel sorry for you if you do, you know the extent to which these two will slam Brandi early and often.

Not that Glanville hasn't dished it out plenty in her day, but at this point, they just look sad dragging this out on TV, and she knows it too, Tweeting:

"Not sure if any1 noticed but I'm not in a feud with any1!I'm not perpetuating a non existent feud just 2 get peeps to watch my tv shows! #ImHappy"

And with that, Team Brandi has scored a permanent #win.


Free Britney,your just a hater? You went to college for that one sided article? Your on the crazy train. Won't be wasting my time on your joke of a article! Bye-Bye


I think Brandi is lucky to be rid of Eddie because no one can love him more then he loves himself! He's a puke and so is Leann


They are delusional. They don't know the difference between right and wrong. They don't know reality which is that they are the ones bashing (to get ratings no doubt)). And guess what it isn't working. They have turned into sad pathetic, people. Embarrassing. If I were their parents I would sit them down and let them have it. Oh, I forgot Leann is supporting them. If they did that, she would stop the money flow.


Love her.. She takes the high road and puts the bottom feeders to shame. Way to go BRANDI


They deserve each other ..... Douche bags..... Brandi gorgeous..... LeeAnne petrified frog... Apologies to all frogs


Stay sane Brandi. You are a naturally beautiful mother and woman. The other one, makes ego driven decisions and she has more suffering to do, at her own hands mind you.


Everyone except her small fan base knew LeAnn was horrible, but all this show has done is expose the fact that not only is Eddie Cibrian an aging, out of work, cheating dog, he's a complete and total jerk too. There's literally nothing redeeming about this couple. The fact that they were arrogant enough to think that this crappy show, was going to win the hearts of the public and endear them to everyone is hilarious. The way they, in particular Eddie have slammed Brandi and her lack of response to their abuse, makes it look like everything that Brandi said about them being impossible to deal with, is true. It's also exposed their complete lack of chemistry. LeAnn's concerts only sell a third of the tickets available in small venues, her albums of late have been huge failures and this show will probably kill what's left of Eddie career. Brandi's on a successful reality show, has two best selling books under her belt, has a line of clothes, a new wine and a popular podcast. She really is winning. Not bad for a woman whose detractors like to say is only famous because of LeAnn. She's made the ultimate lemonade out of her lemons.


I don't know how Brandi has stayed sane dealing with these 2. Dean is awesome, but he could just walk away. Brandi has to put her babies in these psychos' hands half the time. She has shown more grace than anyone because if they're this nasty in public, imagine what she deals with in private. Right now, Leann is all over Twitter about Brandi's older kid's first day of middle school because it wasn't Brandi's custodial day and they couldn't allow her to be there. Or how Leann made sure to make an ice bucket video that involved the kids- waited to do it until the kids were there- and then tried to pretend the boys weren't commenting on her silicone chest because she was wearing a skimpy, skintight tank top to get ice water dumped on her.




The fact that Brandi still has a sense of humor after all those two dirtbags have done to her is what is really awesome.

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