Beth Carson: Kate Gosselin's Former Friend Blames TV Audiences For Creating a Monster

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In the wake of Robert Hoffman's tell-all book about Kate Gosselin, others who have dirt on the former reality star are now feeling that it's finally safe to step forward with further evidence that Kate's a shameless opportunist and an awful mom.

Kate Gosselin Rolls Eyes

One such former ally is Kate's ex-best friend, Beth Carson. Not only was Beth there for Kate throughout the raising of eight toddlers and her divorce from Jon Gosselin, she also helped write Kate's memoir, Million Little Blessings.

In fact, Carson, says she did "all the writing," but Kate then tried to prevent her from receiving a penny of the book's profits.

Carson says she had to hire a lawyer in order to get paid, but Kate then cut her out of her life.

Beth claims that she's kept quiet up to this point out of concern for the kids. Now that they're a little bit older, though, we can apparently expect a lot of folks who have been burned by Kate to tell their stories:

"I used to get calls regularly with offers to tell behind the scenes stuff," says Carson. "A lot of people who worked for Kate knew a lot of stuff and every single person said no. It's a tribute to the character and integrity of those who helped her. It's also a testament to Kate's character for not keeping them in her life."

Remarkably, however, Carson blames fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for turning Kate into the abusive mom and fame obsessed monster she's become:

"I think society has to take some responsibility, because every single person who tuned in cannot turn around now and criticize her. You're essentially patting her on the back, so who are you to turn around and say she's gone too far."

Hear that, America? It's your fault Kate Gosselin is a horrible mother! For shame.


America tunes in to "reality tv" for the same reason they watch nascar.... to see the wrecks!

@ Amen

ain't like a good wreck!


i would rather support that shrew kate gosselin then nut job octomom who keeps her children locked away in a room all day running wild who knows if they are in school

@ Nicole Contreras

Then you go ahead and write Kate a check for whatever it is thats she's grifting for now and shut up. Like Kate said, YOU owe it to her!


I agree with this to a point. Some people watched then quit after seeing serious issues with the show. The fans continued to watch because they are fans and saw nothing wrong. I don't understand how the people who hate Kate continued to watch.They watched and took pride in themselves as they ripped Kate apart while patting themselves on the back about how much better they are than Kate.Those people added to the numbers that kept the show going.TLC plays the biggest part.They were making big money from the show and turned a blind eye to anything wrong going on.

@ Shelia

same reason people slow down to watch a car wreck


I blame the people that kept their mouths shut. Maybe if Beth Carson would have told the truth when she saw this going down she could have prevented this.Don't blame the audience.

@ DonR

I would think people had to strongly consider when they would come forth. The general public ( and media ) would have torn people apart if they tried to say anything negative about the cash cow.




Beth Carson seeing how you are a former friend, and state TV audience are to blame for creating a monster, how about Kate Gosselin created herself by putting herself in the position she finds herself in today.


I saw the very first episode with my late husband. At the end we were speechless. I promised him I'd NEVER EVER talk to him the way that "shrew" did. That being said, Jon is a complete douch bag in this whole ordeal. I feel sorry for the children.

@ Mom

you're being too kind calling her a shrew.


She is right! She did not say we made her a horrible mother, but TLC and the viewing public did allow her to go this far. She still would have been a horrible mother, but not guarded by fame and confidentiality agreements. And the media is more to blame than anyone

@ Reality

And they are still promoting her...they anything for a dollar.

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