Ariana Grande HATES Mariah Carey, Tabloid Claims

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Ariana Grande has only been an A-list pop star for a few months, but she's reportedly already developed certain diva-like habits.

Insiders say Ariana insists on being photographed on her left side, she has insanely specific hair and makeup demands, and even instructs production crews on what sort of light they should use when they film her.

It all brings to mind another famously demanding pop princess - but don't dare compare Ariana to Mariah Carey.

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Yes, before Mariah's split with Nick Cannon began making tabloid headlines, the iconic songstress earned the contempt of Ariana fans following reports that she'd thrown subtle shade at Grande during an interview.

Asked about Ariana in a radio interview, Mariah first replied, "Who?" before adding, "I wish everyone the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, I wish them longevity."\

Many took it as Mariah's way of suggesting that Ariana is a flash in the pan. Star magazine reports that no one was more upset by the comments than Ariana, who has apparently forbidden crew members from even mentioning Carey's name:

"Ariana was mad that Mariah dissed her in an interview," a source tells the tabloid. "It makes her furious to even hear Mariah's name. Ariana insisted that Mariah's name never be brought up in her presence."

Based on reports of her behavior, it sounds like Ariana has a lot in common with Mariah, but maybe that's part of the problem.

Currently, Ariana is dating Big Sean, she's got several successful singles and she's ready to drop a highly-anticipated new album, Perhaps Mariah's current woes serve as an unwelcome reminder that success can be incredibly tough to hold on to.


She shouldn't hate Mariah just because she didn't acknowledge her the way she wanted during HER interview. Her name shouldn't have come up anyway. So, she is lucky Mariah even wished her longevity. If it had been me, I would have said, "I'm not here to talk about her; I don't even know her. Next question...".


What I want to know is why Mariah Carey always saying "who?" Or I don't know her about other female celebs. Like that's seems childish and insecure to me.

@ Lola

You can label however you want, but the reality of it is that during HER interviews, those people are irrelevant. So, when she pretends like they don't exist, that's her way of saying, why are we talking about them...or why are they relevant. These people's names shouldn't be coming up in a Mariah Carey interview. And, I don't think it is childish to stand that ground however she sees fit. They don't exist in her stop forcing it...especially during HER interviews.


Haha haha okay I actually busted out laughing at this article.
. 1 . Ariana grande is annoying. And I can't stand her. I actually had to delete her from Facebook because she was so annoying with her posts and her selfies. 2) she's one of the very few who claims it's not her. The rest of the celebs owned up to it. 3 ) her little red bracelet is on her, that is soooo of her naked. duh . 4) she's a liar . She lies about everything. 5) lol. Comparing her to mariah carey? For real? She wishes. Lmao she sounds nothing like mariah carey, and doesn't even have the same Octive range. Why would anyone compare the two? I don't get how the two are even remotely similar? Like what do they have in common? MARIAH CAREY is a Christian - Ariana Grande isn't. Mariah Carey has a 5 Octive range and ariana grande DOES NOT. Mariah Carey writes a good chunk of her own music .... the list goes on... I don't see what the price of tea in China is?
Mariah Carey ' s success doesn't depend on her man ? Why would you say that mariah carey proves that success is hard to hold onto? That's stupid. She is easily the best singer we will ever see in our Generation.
Wtf. Ariana grande seriously needs to stfu , stop being such a dumb B**** and get rid of that ugly pony tail.

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@ Jennifer Clements

Right? Mariah lasted 25 years in the industry, making hit after hit, and multi-certified albums.. Barely anyone can make it one decade, let alone past two decades. Mariah had longevity. A very long career.


In this interview Mariah said 'who?' when they asked about Nicki Minaj. She didn't throw a shade at Ariana, but they just asked her what she thinks about Ariana Grande, when people says she is the YOUNG, yes they said YOUNG Mariah Carey in the interview, any woman would feel offended, she probaby dont even know her work as she already stated that don't listen to pop music in a interview, and even so she did nice reply "First of all, I'm still young because I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17, I wish everybody the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hopefully they can achieve".

@ Marcus

I think it was still shade. She deliberately avoided talking directly about her in answer to the question.


This probably isn't true the media is always trying to put females against eachother. If Ariana feels this way, the anorexic wannabe and her fans (12 year olds) need to be reminded that this little girl only has 1 global hit and will soon be forgotten as a one hit wonder little local Mariah wannabe. Remember children the originally global diva aways dominates, don't forget to see her slay in her sold out stadium tour of Asia. Bye Arianators, don't come for the queen coz you psychically can't.

@ Murtaza Murad



Ariana is alot prettier and not an old fat crazy has been-so yeah why would she like be compared to MeMe the annoying whale-MeMe is a huge joke these days as well so she probably doesn't want to compared with a joke a really gross twitter twatting joke-and the standard Meme -I don't know who that is reply is just lame -of course you know who she is MeMe

@ tahoegeminii

Aww, did your mommy allow to go on the internet? What are you, like 12? Get a dictionary.


Believed this until I saw Star Magazine.


pfffffffffffff, what a wisdom at this age already.


Is there anyone who takes Star magazine seriously?

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