8-Week Old Bulldog Overcomes Fear, Leaps Into Owner's Outstretched Arms

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Sorry, just had to get that out of our system. 

But if anyone cares to disagree, he or she need only watch this video of a puppy refusing to go to sleep... and then also watch the following footage of an 8-week old French Bulldog named Rocky who is at first afraid to leap into his owner's arms.

He lies down. He starts to run. He stops. He hesitates. And then he does it!!!!

And then, the most adorable part? He does it again, without any concern, after realizing his owner will provide a soft and loving landing. Like we said above: SO SO SO SO CUTE!

Are you somehow still not convinced that the bulldog may be the most adorable animal alive, even after watching this guy empty a pool and drag it inside?

Okay. Fine. Cycle through this photo gallery and prepare to change your mind:

Adorable Animal Family
This bulldog is named Hammie. He has become the adoptive, protective parent of a litter of kittens.

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