33 Blazing Hot Kaley Cuoco Photos: BAZINGA!!

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The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco just signed a mammoth, $90 million contract for the final three seasons of the CBS comedy that put her on the map.

There are plenty of reasons for this, namely the original and witty sitcom's widespread appeal, juggernaut-like ratings and talented ensemble cast.

We're focusing on 33 other reasons here today, however.

Kaley Cuoco had been a funny fixture of The Big Bang Theory cast before they were stars of this magnitude, and a successful actress well before that.

Now, with hat-tips to Henry Cavill and Instagram, she's a bona fide sensation, the bombshell next door who still feels quirky and kind of attainable.

She's not, of course. Kaley married Ryan Sweeting last New Year's Eve. Speaking of which, how much do you freaking hate Ryan Sweeting right now?!

We kid, of course ... but it's hard not to scroll through the smoldering Kaley Cuoco photos above and get a little jealous of the dude who wifed her up.

Well done, sir. We hate you, but in a respectful way.


She appears to have opted for the Jennifer-sized implants.. like a big B-cup (firm, perky and not that many people talk/can tell)?


i would put it in her butt...


You could wrap her up in 1000 used Band-Aids and she'd still be smokin' hot.

@ Spudnut

It's only funny because it;s true.


...and if your a Republican, BENGAHZI!!!


Great Actress.

Ken 69

I'm amazed that surveys say this short legged woman is ''hot''.

@ Ken

if you think she isn't, your tastes must be ridiculously narrow.


go and visit high schools in summer.

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