Woman Posts Epic Response to Sexually Frustrated Husband, Spreadsheet

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There are two sides to every sexually frustrated story.

Earlier this week, we published an amazingly hilarious spreadsheet created by a real-life husband who documented the reasons his wife turned him down for intercourse nearly every night for a month.

(Example: "I'm watching the show," which was a Friends rerun.)

Now, in response, website The Funny Sister has written a pretend spreadsheet of its own, one that explains the female side of things behind closed bedroom doors.

Sadly, this is not the actual wife’s reply - but we're guessing she could relate to complaints such as being exhausted, being annoyed at his lack of help around the house... and then actually being impressed that he may have figured out foreplay.

Fake Spreadsheet

What do you think, readers?

Are you on Team Husband? Team Wife? Or Team... I Am NEVER EVER Getting Married?


Glory Hallelujah! Finally someone addresses the real issue! Men too often expect something for nothing and are surprised when their wife's love bank runs dry! Now if men would actually care enough to pay attention to these three simple tips, we could curb the divorce rate in America!


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