Vin Los, Aspiring Male Model, Has Tattoos EVERYWHERE

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Vin Los is an aspiring model who, according to his official website, strives to be the "Most Famous Man in the World.

We wonder if he'll settle for the Most Famous Man in the World with Words Such as Sex Bomb, Scream and Iconic Tattooed All Across His Face and Body.

Los (who also has fake chest hair ink!) says his etchings are “intentionally ugly," but "people like Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian impress me with their disproportionate level of fame."

So he's only trying to do them one better. 

Will Los accomplish his lofty goals? Heck, Jeremy Meeks is a convict whose mug shot landed him a modeling contract. Stranger things have happened.

Vin Los Picture
Vin Los is a male model. It's safe to say offers the fashion world a different look than most male models.

It's really just a matter of taste.

Do you like your men clean cut and law-enforcing, such as new Facebook darling Chris Kohrs?

Or a bit wilder and less sane, such as Vin Los?

Compare. Consider. Decide. And try to determine where Vin's tattoos even fit in when juxtaposed with the following crazy examples:

LeBron James Back Tattoo
Think you're the biggest LeBron James fans in the world? This guy may have you beat.

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i have more ink on my back tattoo than all of his tattoos combine

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