Tina Simpson, Jessica's Mom, Threw Tantrum at Her Wedding?!

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The more details we learn about Jessica Simpson's wedding, the more it seems like it wasn't the fairytale that Jess and People magazine made it out to be.

First, we learned that there was some controversy over Joe Simpson's date, Jonathan Keith - a 22-year-old male model that he's currently "mentoring."

Then came word that Jessica was hungover as she said, "I do."

Now it seems that Jess' mom, Tina Simpson, also got in on the trainwreck action, as she allegedly freaked out on Jess during the reception

Tina Simpson Photo

Reports say Tina griped about everything from the food to the music to the fact that her ex-husband brought a date who's barely old enough to drink.

"Jessica had warned her parents that they had to get along and not embarrass her at the wedding," says a source.

"But Tina made it clear to everyone, she was furious that Jessica had chosen her father to organize the three-day event."

After listening to her mom loudly complain for hours, Jess reportedly took her aside and told her to cool it.

"Jessica finally had it told her mother it was her wedding and to stop moaning," says one guest.

"Joe knows full well that Jessica favors him over her mom and he plays that up a little to get back at Tina for how he feels she treated him after the divorce."

Tina and Joe also reportedly butted heads over Jess and Eric's prenup, so it sounds like things are off to a great start for the young couple.

Good thing Jess learned about this whole marriage business from the very best!

Hooray for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. These two tied the knot in July 2014.

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Does he work? No, he lives off her. That would be a huge turnoff for most women. Her and her stupid family so hated giving Nick any money when they divorced and he was a part of their Reality show. Can't stand any part of this family.