The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 13 Recap: Taking the Beadors Down!

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Monda night's The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 13 featured a dinner party at Lizzie Rovsek's, and all was going smoothly.

The fire dancers were doing their thing and everyone was having a blast at the beach house ... until Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow crossed paths.

To, quote Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Shannon has been headed for a major meltdown for weeks. Here it comes.

"[My family beach house] holds so many family memories for me," said beauty queen Lizzie Rovsek, adding of the party, "I want it to be very elegant."

Things are far from elegant when Tamra Barney is involved, as she ended up throwing gasoline on the flames in this case, intentionally or not.

It started to go downhill fast when Beador asked Barney if Heather Dubrow's husband, Terry, had told her he "wanted to take the Beadors down."

"I don't recall that," said Barney.

Really, though?

"Tamra seems to have amnesia because she happened to tell me that," said Vicki Gunvalson, and soon, Tamra would not leave well enough alone.

Shannon had already dropped it, but Barney decided to bring it up to the Dubrows over dinner - she's "stirring the pot here," Rovsek observed.

Terry then commented that the rumor is false, though his denial was half-hearted.

"You're hearing I want to take you down?" he said. "I don't want to take you down."

"You couldn't take us down," said Shannon's beleaguered husband, David.

"You're right, David, I can't … because you're so tough," Terry shot back.

By the time Heather Dubrow began to tell her version of how she learned of the Beadors' marital woes and told her friends about it, Shannon was irate.

"You are not going to spin this on me!" Beador said through tears, growing more emotional and saying, "I came to you, Heather, in pain … It's my turn!"

When Dubrow continued unabated, Shannon stormed off the balcony and back into the party, screaming, "I've had it with her! You will all see the truth!"

Not at all overdramatic. When Tamra tried to comfort her (or talk to her, or meddle more, who knows) Beador yelled, "I want you to get away from me!"

All the hostess with the mostest could do was shake her head.

"My dinner party is in the gutter," sighed Rovsek, lamenting:

"If Tamra didn't bring it up, we'd be having a good time."

Yes, but then there would be no reason for the show ... making you wonder if Andy Cohen and his producers really want Tamra Barney fired or not.


Tamara is a trouble maker, and Heather is delusional. She calls people out for the behavior when hers is the most abhorrent. Tamara needs a taste of her own medicine, and Heather just needs to stay off TV. Nobody want to listen to her pompous attitude and the sight of her makes me sick.


Shannon aka" the victim" needs to go have her divorce and breakdown. Tamra aka "the instigator" will now have major issues that Eddie doesn't want children but she is going to be a grandmother instead...going to be quite a season!

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Actually, get rid of this entire show and the hsewive/N.Y show and the gals in N.J. If the producers are not promoting women being brain dead and stupid, they are promoting women being criminals and still making huge amounts of money. Shame on the producers of this ridiculous garbage. They are teaching america all the wrong things.

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Shannon should get away from this bevy of biotches and work on her marriage. Tamra should be FIRED! She is a lying, trouble making s__t. And the old Vicki would have spoken up when Tamra denied the "take down" remark. What's wrong with her? And Heather has turned out to be nothing but trouble. I used to think she had class, but no more! She ranks right up there with Tamra!

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Tamra is such a dumb, annoying b***h - can't stand to watch her. Vicki is being exceptionally nice this season - what's up with that? Shannen is just a train wreck .

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I think all that botox is clogging tamra's brain. She also happens to look horrible!

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Please fire Tamara and get rid of Shannon, if I were her husband I would be unhappy too.

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