Tamra Barney to Bethenny Frankel: Eat Something!

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Tamra Barney has gone form bullying fans online to bullying a former Real Housewives colleague.

The reality star appeared today on The Juice (which is apparently a talk show on Veria Living, which is apparently a TV network) and took aim at Bethenny Frankel.

The ex-talk show host and Bravo employee raised eyebrows this week when she posted a photo online (below) of herself in her four-year old daughter's pajamas.

  • Tamra Barney Red Carpet Pic
  • Bethenny Frankel in Daughter's Pajamas

"She's begging for attention right now," Judge said of Frankel's Instagram picture. "If you do fit into your 4-year-old's clothes, don't talk about it!"

Instead, Barney told Frankel what she should be doing: "Just go eat!"

Frankel responded to critics of this image by wondering why they care and sarcastically Tweeting about the "world scandal" she has caused.

In another funny reply, she posted in baggy shorts and a baggy sweatshirt.

Frankel, meanwhile, was not the only former Housewife to be targeted by Judge during her talk show appearance.

While discussing chatter that she's leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County, the outspoken Tamra told folks to "always consider the source."

"That rumor got started by a housewife that got fired," Judge said of Alex McCord, concluding: "Let's face it, the big mouth never gets fired."

Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

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Bethanny Frankel looks RIDICULOUS! She needs some serious therapy. Also, she treated her hus
band like poo. She's waaay to full of herself now. And she is not as funny as she thinks. WHO would proudly pose in their 4YR OLDS JAMMIES to show they fit. A seriously distorted anorexic "skinny girl"..that's who.

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I used to really like Bethenny, but she got too big for her britches. Tamra is ok, but I actually liked her life better with her ex-husband. There is something strange about her new husband.

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Bethanny is funny - Tamra is loud mouthed, hateful and annoying. I wouldn't trust that b***h as far as I could throw her.

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why, she just needs a lightweight coffin this way.

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