Scott Disick: Alcohol Poisoning Will NOT Be Televised

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By now, the Kardashian klan is well accustomed to every moment of their lives being televised, but it seems some things are simply too real for reality TV.

For example, last month Scott Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a night of hard partying.

Producers for Khloe & Kourtney Take the Hamptons, which is now filming, say that the moment was not caught on camera, because the sisters are the stars of the show and they were in a different city at the time. 

Of course if it had been known that Scott was going to be self-destructive after Kim and Khloe left him behind on the East Coast, a camera crew likely would've followed him:

"Why didn't they film him going to the hospital after a night of heavy drinking?" says a source close to Disick. "A lot of the scenes in the Kardashian shows are scripted, but this situation wasn't planned."

Yes, some scenes in reality shows are scripted. We hope you were sitting down when you read that.

One production insider claims that such a life-or-death moment would never be televised out of respect for the parties involved, but with Keeping Up With the Kardashian ratings at an all-time low, we have a hard time believing that there's anything Kris Jenner and kompany wouldn't exploit to expand their audience.


Change his name to Scott Disdick

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Oh it's ok to keep putting Lamar Odom, on BLAST for whatever his personal life he was dealing in the PAST,and he is still being bashed. Amazon khloe, show casing Lamar Odom's personal business and she is still saying his name from her mouth, while she snugged up with another man her new LOVE MONTEE, all over the non reality show, and in the medi,tabloits but blasting Scott, NO not Lord Scott Disick. Oh doesn't this looks really BAD for the KARDS. I see a huge law suit in the MAKING for Lamar Odom. Lamar Odom, did state that he did not want his name to be written and scripted for the non reality show.He did not want his to be on this ride of his image messed up more than what it already was at that time. Now it has been the total opposite of what was stated from Amazon khloe's, mouth. So sad. The wicked evil kursed Kards keep degrading Lamar Odom, why, to turn around and give Lord Scott Disick a slap on his hands, all of this moral support, (prayers for scott and I do pray that he continues to get strong with his drinking and other person issues). Scott has his own infedilites in the PASS,as well but is he being constant blast for his pass infedilities,and his outrage alcohol binges, Heck NO. What is worse SOLID concrete information all in the media, tabloids showing Lord Scott Disick,going on all of his Drinking Binges, fighting like a crazed out man, then needed medical attention for his injuries,and his Issues will not be all over the non reality show. In my opinion, then amazon khloe, with her Pimp mama kris jenner, along with jezebel kankimye-Botox all the others NEEDS to CEASED the faked out instagrams, bashing Lamar Odom's name from their LIPS. I guess Lord Scott Disick is not a MAN of color so he is getting his PASS on that wicked evil and kursed show. Right is right wrong is wrong. The media,tabloids never showed any PICS of Lamar Odom, getting high or even spoking a joint but the media has all this damaging PICS all on Lord Scott Disick. WOW! Politics, So sad now the non reality wicked evil kursed family is showing their REAL non Real colors. It is so pitiful how they are constantly on mission to discuss Lamar Odom, and bring him down on a weekly Rotation, but it will be interesting to see how the media,tabloids, their non reality EXPLOITS Scott. It is what it is, right, so now that Lord Scott Disick has his issues,on a serious drinking problem, I guess his issues will not be EXPLOITED on the show at all. WOW! Lamar Odom, has been going through all his humiliation, but Scott Disick it is a different color. IT IS WHAT IT IS! No I am not displaying any negativity towards Scott or anyone, but this picture sure does not LOOK good. I feel the same should apply for Lamar Odom, Enough is Enough of all the instagrams, videos of talking about Lamar O. If the show does not exploit scott then the reality show needs to stop show exploiting Lamar. Unless he has given them the approval to continue BASHING him, with HEFTY CHECK. I feel it would only be right for amazon khloe, to really move on which she has SHOWN the world she has already. Amazon khloe, is shown all over the world, showing her new man and partying with pics with GUNS,and she has on several occasion said she was happy with her new man and that he is her CHOICE, for now. It is what it is right. Fair is Fair and show some respect the bothof these Men has their own personal issues but poor Lamar's issues is so far out there being BLASTED constantly. So sad. Amazon khloe, needs a serious wake up call of her own and does her/their non real reality show, it is so disgusting. Prayers for both Lamar Odom, and Scott I do wish them both the best, and much LOVE. No I do not have to much time on my hands,and no I am not a negative person. Fair is Fair. Peace.

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Ken 69

''Reality'', without the Real stuff

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