Saint Bernard Fascinated by Oblivious Kitten: Won't You Be My Friend?

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When it comes to animals, indifference goes both ways.

Last week, we reported on a Pit Bull that didn't seem to care one bit about a very affectionate piglet.

In the following video, meanwhile, a Saint Bernard named Bella is totally taken with her family's new kitten, staring at it, smelling it, pawing it... only for the kitten to barely even acknowledge poor Bella's existence.

In the cat's defense, it appears to be a very sunny day - and we all know his distracting that can be.

Watch this friendship never exactly blossom now:

Too bad, huh?

If things had gone smoother, we definitely would have included this pooch and this cat among the following rundown of unexpected canine friendships.

Maybe some other time!


You want videos of my cat and his Dalmatian? I do mean his dog. If the dog is acting up, i call my cat. She hangs on his every command. Just hearing me call him, she stops getting in the trash or whatever shes up to. Family pets get along.
Pit bulls are known for caring for smaller animals. My male pit bull used to let my Siamese kitten nurse him to the point his poor nipples would swell. I got him the kitten because he loved cats, they played daily until they passed away a year apart.

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