Rosa G Releases Fourth of July Anthem: The Worst Song in the History of Ever?

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Move over, Rebecca Black

Move way, way, way, way over.

An aspiring young artist named Rosa G has released a Fourth of July anthem appropriately titled "Fourth of July," coming out with the atrocious track just in time for this year's holiday.

The song features Rosa telling folks that they’re gonna need an “ice cold drink” because it’s hot outside and that she’s looking “real mean” while rocking some “SPF 15.”

It's hard to determine what is harder to believe: that someone wrote these lyrics... or that anyone could look more miserable than Rose singing them?

Listen and cringe now:


It's intended to be funny, how are people too stupid to realize that? The ridiculous shorts, the monotone singing, absurd lyrics, seriously, how can you not realize it is intended to be silly and fun? Even if you aren't sure from that video, it is plain as day with all her other videos...and the videos her BF does as well.

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It's classless and oblivious, as is your comment!!!
There are times and places and instances where jokes and funnies are appropriate; songs and occasions solemnizing and in remembrance of people's struggles, especially national struggles where where people died trying to obtain and/or secure peace and freedoms, aren't one of them!!!

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yes, but she tried.

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