Pit Bull Rescues Deaf Child from Burning Home

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They are called Man's Best Friend for a reason.

Although, perhaps we ought to expand this to Man and Boy's Best Friend.

The following video tells the story of Ace, a Pit Bull who awoke yesterday to the sound of a smoke detector in his home and immediately ran to the bedroom of his young owner, 13-year old Nick Lamb.

Nick was born deaf and he takes out his cochlear implants when he sleeps.

No one else was home at the time of the incident, which Nick described to a local Indiana outlets as follows:

"My dog licked my face and woke me up. I was like, ‘Stop it! What? You want to be fed?’ I thought he wanted to be fed or go outside."

Instead, Nick quickly realize the home was engulfed in smoke, so he covered his nose and mouth and ran into the backyard with his two-year old savior.

In the end, the house was completely destroyed by the fire, which caused $175,000 worth of damage. But Nick, Ace (and also the family cat) made it out safely.

"It’s amazing because if [Ace] wouldn’t have been there, he probably wouldn’t have even woke up," Nick's mom says of her son.

Pretty cool, huh? Sometimes dogs fail at life. Other times, they succeed in awe-inspiring fashion.

Muddy Buddy
This is why most owners keep their dogs on a leash. And this is why most dogs do not want to be on a leash.

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Has anyone else noticed the almost daily "heartwarming" stories about pitbulls saving their owners' lives? As if we don't recognize an intense PR campaign to try to counteract the frequent news stories about pitbulls maiming or even killing defenseless children, older people and others, including pets minding their own business, none of whom are on the pit bull owners' properties. Pit bulls may be loyal to their owners--it's everyone else who is at risk. The myth that the killer instinct is trained, not bred into them is just that. All breeds who have been developed for a specific purpose retain those traits generation after generation. There may be exceptions--the problem with this breed is the majority who are true to type.


In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the cops would shoot the dog. They recently 7/9/14, shot a 2 year old Lab mix, while it was sitting in it's owners vehicle, through the partially open drivers side window, and claimed 'it was a pit bull that lunged at the officer.'
They NEVER even bothered to go to the restaurant where the owner was having breakfast, and inform him they had killed his dog, broke into his van, stole the dogs body, and left a bloody mess for him.
Don't come to Idaho. Let alone Coeur d'Alene. And for heaven's sake don't bring you dogs!!!! Cops are killing dogs and whitewashing their crimes!!! Even the mayor is helping to cover it up. THEY REFUSE TO RELEASE THE NAME OF THE COWARD COP!!!!
Justice for Arfee!!! Stop killer cops from killing pets!!!!!!


I love dogs more than I like most people. The human race constantly disappoints me but my dogs never do.


All breeds can be dangerous, depends on the owners. Alot of owners are not fit to own animals, I work with homeless animals some cases just shameful. whats is wrong with this human race. I know the animals appreciate what I do for them (also help people) and the animals are un-conditional love and appreciate what you do for them more than people. Im beginning to realize some people just plain S U C K..sorry, if I offened someone, but, you know as well as I do, its the truth..


Good dog.


I want to know why a 13 year old was alone asleep in the house? Where were the parents or babysitter. 13 year olds are fine to leave alone for an hour or two during the day, but not when it's bedtime. I noticed the story was very evasive regarding the time the boy awoken.

@ barrypink

Maybe he was taking a nap and his parent(s) ran an errand?


MY Pit would gladly have given her life for "the pack"--she slept at the top of the stairs, sealing the family off from the world while we slept. Only aggression she ever showed was when I would tickle my daughter and she would scream for her dog--who would race up, jump on me and knock me back, interpose herself, and stare me dead in the eye as if to say "enough of that crap" btw--like our stupid spaniel, she NEVER chased squirrels---she just sat under the tree and waited them out--then snapped their necks. No wasted motion. AMAZING pet


Wait, what? I story about a pit that does not involve death of someone, and calls for the entire breed to be wiped out? Wow. Imagine that. A dog, that too many believe is only a viscous killer, saved a member of his family. Just goes to show, that you should not judge an entire population by a few of its members. This goes for humans, as well as dogs.

@ John Doe

I agree on the dogs, but on people? Meh. Most humans still suck.


So because the dog licks the kid's face, he's a savior? If the dog had grabbed him by the back of his pajamas and dragged him out of the house then I would say that was rescuing him.

@ Kanna-Chan

the kid clearly weighed more than the dog

@ Kanna-Chan

My god what more do you want? Do you want the dog to come flying into the house garden hose in his mouth spraying down the fire and putting it out too. The dog is a hero. He did what he knew was best to save his owner.


Pits are a joy and my grown children have several. The are great guard dogs LOL they let me drive right through the gate, but a piece of advice, do not ,under any circumstances lay your hand on one of the grandkids or great grands if you are a stranger. If that child cries out in fright you will definately lose an arm. They are loving, loyal and protect a child like it was their own puppy. I love em.