Piglet Befriends Indifferent Pit Bull: See the GIF!

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As has been previously documented, dogs often make unexpected friends.

Take this horse and this canine, for example.

But these surprising relationships can go both ways, as evidenced by Pigalina, a baby animal who was sadly rejected by her original owner.

Fortunately, Melissa Suko of PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia took in the inquisitive teacup pig, giving Pigalina a happy home and new best friend: a Pit Bull named Levi!

As you can see in the following GIF, these two are totally close pals now. According to Pigalina, at least.

Levi seems content to just lie around and nap, but at least he doesn't mind when his little playmate tries to nuzzle up to him:

Piglet Loves Pit Bull

Totally adorable, right?

Check out this video of Levi and Pigalina sort of playing and then click through other animal friendships that we simply did not see coming:

Cat and Lynx
Well, this is adorable. Check out a photo of a cat and a lynx who have become best friends at the zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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