Nick Viall Melts Down on The Bachelorette, Asks Andi Dorfman Why They Even Had Sex

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The Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall may not have won the final rose, but he produced by far the top water cooler moment from Monday's season finale.

After Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray got engaged, which was preceded by her cutting runner-up Nick loose, viewers learned that Viall didn't take this well.

No one takes breakups well ... but Nick really didn't take it well.

Nick made two failed attempts to contact Dorfman between their taped breakup and last night's live After the Final Rose special, where they finally reunited.

That's when things got incredibly awkward in a hurry.

When she dumped him on The Bachelorette finale, a heartbroken Nick said there were things he wished she hadn't said or done. He didn't elaborate.

Until last night, that is, when Andi said he deserves someone who fully reciprocates his feelings, and Nick said his issue is that he felt like she did.

Then, after Andi admitted to Chris Harrison that she was never in love with Nick, he asked why she would "make love" to him if that were the case.


Andi was far from pleased about that "below the belt" comment, telling him that should've been kept private and defending her actions and feelings.

Nick Viall, in her mind, was way out of bounds going there, as Andi already insisted there was nothing wrong with Nick or her relationship with Nick.

She and Josh are in love. The end.

The two parted ways shortly thereafter, clearly not on good terms and leaving us wondering how Nick waited two months just for that strange exchange.

Nick does raise a valid point about the Fantasy Suite, and some viewers praised him for calling her out. There are also things he said weren't shown.

If he wasn't The One - or even on the same level as Josh Murray, based on her comments - maybe she shouldn't have had sex with Nick that night.

However ... on live national TV? Really, dude? Maybe if she'd responded to his letter(s), this could've been avoided. Either way, it was very much not cool.

It's okay to be broken-hearted, and to disagree with her decision, and to wonder what might've been. Even to feel like she led you on, intentionally or otherwise.

But to say that to an engaged woman in that setting was pretty bad, and she rightfully bristled, taking offense to it. There's a line of decency and that crossed it.

If he loves Andi as much as he says he does, he should respect that she's a serious person who took The Bachelorette seriously, and spared her that insult.

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Audrey quinn

Andi got what she deserved on National TV. This was another true color of hers revealed to us..not pretty or KOSHER! If Josh was sitting in Nicks shoes and was led on (Not chosen) and slept with in the same manner he may have wanted to know some answers too. But instead Josh has to recall all the way to the altar now...that she also slept with Nick the man she calls classless and wring which is reflecting bad on her. She has no people skills...clearly that is evident. The truth always sets us free...and all Nick wanted was the truth...and he is being trashed now and that's not cool. If Andi thought he was such a loser then she should of kept her panties on.......I think Josh shuld be the next Bachelor and choose someone of his Faith and more sincere and genuine with class.


I love the article is written as if any of this is real or matters. Good one.


Nick didn't really love her. If he did, then he wouldn't have expose that. He should go see a psychologist. He w going on this show that out not get chosen as the final bachelor. Oh, I forgot he was so confident that he was the one. Get over yourself & grow some balls, Nick.


Andi's a hypocrite. When she was on the Bachelor, she had no problems hitting Juan Pablo "below the belt" by complaining about their night in the suite together. It's interesting how little sympathy guys get - it's obvious that Nick was just hurting because he had been led on and wasn't out to hurt or embarrass Andi at all.

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