Miley Cyrus Makes "Ugly Pimple" Look “Pwetty" on Instagram, Really Needs to Tour Again

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Based on her latest Instagram photos, it's clear Miley Cyrus is still very bored.

The singer - who is on a professional break until her Bangerz tour resumes on August 1 in New York City - soaked up some sun yesterday, sharing a new topless photo with her followers.

But this one was rather tame compared to past Miley Cyrus topless photos:

Miley Cyrus, Bare Back

Elsewhere, Cyrus broke out a braided topknot and modeled rainbow hair extensions, while also using a “bedazzled bandaid" to make "an ugly pimple" look "pwetty."

We don't pretend to fully comprehend what Cyrus has been up to. We just pass the pictures along:

Miley Cyrus Covers Pimple
Miley Cyrus with Colored Hair

The artist has made no secret of her boredom when not performing. For all we know, she started the Miley Cyrus dead hoax over the weekend just to have a bit of fun.

Fortunately, Miley hits the road again soon and will also vie for two MTV Video Music Awards on August 24. Thanks to "Wrecking Ball," she's up for Video of the Year and Best Direction.

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miley cyrus, what a low life that poor child is. where are her parents? what a shame she thinks she has to go to such lengths for attention, and she'll tale any attention, even people laughing at her

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looks like she is in a New Mexico rehab and since all she knows is twitter twattt thats all she can do-too bad for her the world is full of wonder just put down the phone

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