Meghan McCain Turns Down The View?

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Rumors that Meghan McCain would be joining The View as the panel discussion show's resident Republican have been circulating for weeks now.

We recently reported that Meghan and Leah Remini were the front-runners to fill the vacant fifth seat at the roundtable, with McCain being slightly favored by producers.

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Now it looks as though the job may be Leah's by default, as Meghan has reportedly turned down an offer from ABC in favor of sticking with her current gig with the online news show TakePart Live.

"Network execs really wanted her to be their new Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because of her Republican stance," a source tells Radar Online. "But ultimately Meghan turned it down. She doesn't mind doing geust appearances on the show, but it's not something she wants to do full time."

Turned down one of the most popular shows on daytime TV to stick with an web series? Sounds like someone just didn't want to go toe-to-toe with Rosie O'Donnell every morning.

The View, of course, had multiple spots to fill after producers fired Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy last month.

O'Donnell agreed to return to the show shortly thereafter, which left one empty chair remaining. Remini is now considered to be the most likely candidate for the job.


Im happy if they pick Leah but that still would leave a fourth spot to def fill and a fifth one if they ever wanna have 5 perm ones again..

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Leah was kicked off The Talk because of her big mouth and now they want to put her up against Rosie? No Way! They will not only be talking over each other, they will be screaming! Why not someone smart and classy i.e., Amy Rohrbach? They don't need another comedian at the table.

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Meghan would have been a great choice. They need to fill that spot with an educated woman with credentials.

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