Lindsay Lohan Bikini Selfie Highlights Her Best Angles, Boobs

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The Lindsay Lohan bikini photos from yesterday are the stuff of urban legend. Some say if you stare at them too long, she'll tell you the exact day and time that you're going to die.

Perhaps feeling guilty about the cancerous evil that she'd unleashed upon the world, Lindsay tried to compensate today by posting a much more flattering photo of herself in a two-piece.

Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Selfie

She put some thought into this one, folks. Note the way she crouched over and pouted her lips: not only does the pose hide her prominent booze belly, it also subconsciously brings to mind the top-notch blowies that Linds has used to help her stay rich.

Is it enough to erase yesterday's embarrassments from our mind? (In addition to the showing off her foul beach body, Lindsay fell down drunk at a film festival.) Of course, not but we encourage cleavage-y selfies under any circumstances.

Plus, it gives us hope for the future. If Lindsay is able so expertly hide her physical flaws, maybe she'll eventually learn to mask her many, many personality defects and find her way back into Hollywood.

Of course, she'll need to do more than show off her cleavage and hint at oral sex in order to get her career back. Actually, on second thought, that should just about do the trick.

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americans are blind and/or stupid?

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Someone really should tell her that when she that pucker up thing, her lips look like they have hemorrhoids each and every time.

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