LeAnn Rimes: Makeup Free "For Charity"

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LeAnn Rimes loves attention, so it was only a matter of time before she jumped on board the no-makeup bandwagon.

But it wasn't enough for her to simply post a bare-faced selfie like dozens of other female celebs. No, LeAnn had to up the ante and tell the world that she was showing her true self to the world for charity.

LeAnn Rimes No Makeup Photo

Yes, LeAnn captioned the above photo, "Strip away your fears and go naked #RFGoNaked 4 every makeup free selfie R+F donates $1 to education #nofilter"

Yes, if the awful first episode of LeAnn & Eddie taught us anything, it's that LeAnn Rimes is brave. First she jumped out a plane for charity, now she's taking flattering selfies for charity. 

People throw around words like "hero" too often, but in LeAnn Rimes' case, it's really the only description that fits. Can we somehow get her makeup-free face on Mt. Rushmore in place of that wuss Teddy Roosevelt?

It takes a courageous soul to set aside important tasks like telling the world Brandi Glanville needs rehab in order to spend an afternoon taking a few dozen selfies, so that you can post the best one to Twitter, so that your millions of followers will know you helped a school get a dollar.

"Selfie" isn't even the word for this photo. It's a selfless-ie.

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Like everything else LeAnn lies about, she's wearing blush and lipstick in this photo. When called out about it on Twitter (by a fan even), she testily replied that this is the natural color of her lips. Yeah, right.

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Leann needs to try out some new makeup brushes at http://blushbrushes.com/

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