Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Miserable and Living Separate Lives, Says Source

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married less than seven weeks ago, but sources say they're already "miserable" and have spent just ten days together since exchanging vows.

The trouble reportedly began on Kim and Kanye's Irish honeymoon, where Kim was bored constantly and the newlyweds cut their trip short due to her displeasure:

"Kim complained and sulked the entire time they were in Ireland on their honeymoon," says one insider. "She didn't like the cooler damp climate and the lack of high end designer stores...Only Kim would go to Ireland and be bored, and go to two separate movies in the same day in a foreign country!"

Hilariously, Kim's list of rumored gripes includes a complaint that the castle Kanye booked for their stay was "too big."

Somehow, things only got worse on Kim and Kanye's second honeymoon:

Just as Kim managed to be bored while staying in a castle, Kanye found reason to sulk at a high-end Mexican resort.

"Kanye was miserable and brooding," says a source. "He isn't really a lounge by the pool kind of guy."

Maybe that's why Kanye spent the trip Photoshopping wedding pics

Insiders say the dual honeymoons served as eye-openers and alerted Kim and Kanye to how different they really are.

"Kanye now recognizes that Kim's main interests are shopping and lounging around a pool," the source says. "It's really concerning to Kanye that Kim doesn't even want to try to experience new things."

Yes, it somehow came as a shock to Kanye that Kim's main interests are shopping and lounging. He apparently doesn't get the E! network.


New Kardashian show - Hos to Housewives?!? I feel so bad for little North.

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