Kid Snaps Unexpected Selfie: Hey, That’s Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett!

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In terms of winning the Internet, it's hard to beat a naked Justin Bieber selfie.

But Tom White may have accomplished the feat yesterday just by strolling around his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

Because look who the young man ran into there: Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett!

Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett Selfie

An excited White is giving a thumbs-up in the snapshot he posted to Instagram, which raises multiple questions:

  1. What were McCartney and Buffett discussing?
  2. Has there ever been two photograph subjects with a greater combined net worth?
  3. Did White need his parents to tell him who Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett are?

We may never have the answers to these questions.

But we have at least added White's unexpected photo to our collection of super celebrity selfies:

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie
Ellen DeGeneres posts the best selfie ever. Literally the best, in terms of re-Tweets.

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Should be "HAVE there ever been two. . ." Plural. Bad editing.