Khloe Kardashian Konfesses She Wants Lamar Odom Back on Twitter?!

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Lamar Odom was released by the New York Knicks yesterday, and the timing of a cryptic tweet posted by Khloe Kardashian has many wondering if she meant for it to be a coded message to her ex.

Khloe is a fan of posting quotes from authors in photo form, and the one she tweeted yesterday reads, "I would surrender my being to see you whole once more."

Sounds an awful lot like she's referring to her troubled husband, from whom she filed for divorce in September.

Khloe and Lamar Sighting

After all, Lamar was busted smoking crack late last year and his downfall only continued from there - eventually costing the former star forward his marriage and now, it seems, his career.

Just last week, Khloe confessed that she knew Lamar was cheating on her, but even with the ugly nature of their split, it stands to reason she would still have some feelings for troubled ex and would very much like to see him "whole once more."

Of course, we'll likely never know for certain if the tweet was directed at Lamar.

Khloe will certainly never confess, particularly since she's in a relationship with French Montana that seems to be getting more serious by the day (much to the chagrin of many of her fans).

Regardless, we're sure on some level Khloe wishes the best for Lamar and shares our hope that the apparent end of his NBA career doesn't cause him to turn back to drugs.


he's fed up with prostitutes like her.........

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She needs 2 slow down

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Amazon khloe needs a serious sit down, does she not realize how all of this makes her looks so STUPID,and very ignorant. All the instagrams, kissing and whatever else with her new man MONTEE, but yet still sending Lamar Odom, hidden messages. Don't forget that not to mention that she is still BASHING Lamar Odom, in the worst way,by mentioning his name on the reality show the universe is so tired of all of amazon khloe's RANTS. Amazon khloe, is nothing but a ex-wifey, SCORNED, who is seriously a Crazed Fatal Attraction, and not to mention how can a person exploit herself in the media and tabloids to all of a sudden and tries to come CLEAN and tell the world that she has been telling LIES during the whole TIME. Not a good LOOK at all. Amazon khloe, still has her DEMONS, as well and still wants sympathy from all her FANS yea right. So sad. It is so sickening to see whether the storylines are true or fake for a woman who constant instagrams on a weekly rotation to her ex husband to be a sign of a very CRAZED individual. Lamar Odom, has wished her and MONTEE well, but amazon khloe, is really a very crazed out person. It is what it is. Prayers to all.

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