Kendall Jenner Turns Down Keeping Up With the Kardashians Spinoff, Wants to Quit Reality TV?

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Kendall Jenner has put the kibosh on a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff series and wants to quit the original show as well, a new report suggests.

This report, from the UK's Daily Mail, says she wants to jump ship because she's worried that her half-siblings and reality TV are hurting her career.

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Seriously. While the Chanel and Givenchy model would never have gotten so far, so fast without her family, she feels they could become a liability.

“She has been advised by friends in the fashion industry that [being on reality TV] could damage her modeling career,” a source told the paper.

Just as THG interns are required to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 18-year-old is contractually obligated to keep appearing on it.

Yet Insiders say she already shot down a spinoff series on E!

“Kendall had the option to pull out of any other potential shows and that’s exactly what she’s done,” the source revealed of the teen, who's also getting feistier.

Her social media presence is growing more intense (see last week's Kendall Jenner lingerie photo), and she's been kalling out kash kow Kim Kardashian.

Supposedly claiming that she's the hot sister now, young Kendall is laying claim to the throne long occupied by the renowned family sex tape star.

Even little sister and longtime partner in borderline inappropriate underage antics Kylie Jenner calls her a whore now, so the threat must be real.

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That's (HOPEFULLY) one gone from the show. I hope others decide to quit the show, which is a POOR excuse for entertainment. I read sometime last year that 2015 is SUPPOSED to be the end of the show but I'll believe it when I DON'T see the show as I channel surf. The only thing that disappoints me about Kendall wanting to quit the show is her apparent reason. I know she's a very successful model & she's definitely a beautiful girl but I was REALLY hoping it didn't go to the heads of Bruce's girls. I know it will eventually happen, just like morning game shows & soap operas, but I wish shows like this would hurry up & DISAPPEAR!

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good for her.l never watch the show any way.she very beautifl and can do great on her own

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Bravo..I think she should can tell she isnt really that comfortable on the show, she doesnt talk...and she should make it on her own..dont let kim bad rep. bring her talent down..she will always be kims step sister...but i wouldnt wANT MY career based on how her sister got famous...make your own way!!!!!

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Is there anyone in that family that won't hesitate to bite the hand that fed/feeds them. Without the show, she'd probably still be SEARCHING for a job.

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Don't quit it, we are gonna miss you.

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