Kendall Jenner Demonstrates Horrible Driving Habits, Worse Taste in Music

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Kendall Jenner has demonstrated time and again that she's a terror behind the wheel, and at this point, we're almost hoping she gets her license taken away.

Not only because it would be hilarious to see her try and make a mug shot sexy, but because she clearly has no parental supervision, so a wake-up call from the law might be the only thing that could stop her from doing crap like this:

Yes, that's Kendall full-on rocking out while driving in heavy LA traffic. The video raises two important questions: 1. How is this girl allowed to continue driving like that? and 2. What kind of 18-year-old listens to old school Avril Lavigne?! 

Don't get us wrong, this is far less terrifying than the sight of Kylie Jenner on a motorcycle, but it still makes us wonder when Kris Jenner will step in and stop her kids from terrorizing the streets of Southern California. 

Of course, this is the same mom that allows Kendall and Kylie to club with Chris Brown, so she's clearly not too concerned about their safety.

We all know that Kris is of the belief that all publicity is good publicity, but maybe someone should remind her that this isn't the sort of video that makes her daughters famous. 


Keep it up you idiot. One day and maybe soon you'll hit a car while looking the other way and end up disfiguring yourself. This will instantly put an end to your modeling career and get you taken off the show by your Pimp mom just as fast because she doesn't care for goods that are damaged.


A family of useless losers with money,so sad.

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