Kate Middleton: Pregnant With a Baby Girl!?

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Duchess Kate Middleton is pregnant with a baby girl, according to yet another tabloid report dubiously claiming inside information on the oft-discussed topic.

Last week, it was the 32-year-old's childhood friend, Jessica Hay, who "confirmed" the news that Prince William got Kate Middleton pregnant again.

Now, if you believe the celebrity gossip publication above (and there's no reason you should, other than it being fun), it looks like Prince George is going to be a big ...

Kate Middleton: It's a Girl!

... brother!!! To a beautiful baby girl!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, despite there being no evidence to support Kate being pregnant at all, the publication claims she and William have revealed the big news to their friends.

And what marvelous non-news we're sure that was.

The alleged palace insider adds that the Duke and Duchess are “eager to have a daughter” because of Kate’s close relationship with sister Pippa Middleton.

That does sound like reason enough to have a daughter. Not that they can control the outcome or probably care one way or another as long as it's healthy.

The question on everyone’s mind, regardless:

If Kate Middleton is, in fact, expecting a little girl late this year or early next, will they name the heiress after William’s late mother, Princess Diana?

Vintage Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William back when they first started dating. Such an adorable picture ... and such a head of hair he used to have!

“If it is a girl, the name would have to be Diana, wouldn’t it?” Diana’s close friend, Marie Sutton, told the magazine, basically confirming this event.

In any case, we suspect the regal twosome will have another child someday, just not within the next 7-8 months. No matter what the oddsmakers say.

Kate pregnancy bets soared in the UK last week - yes, people actually place bets on such things - with young George's birthday fast approaching.

One bookmaker actually shut down the wagering due to a sudden influx of cash, prompting many to believe the pregnancy scoop was legitimate.

We're still not buying it though. Yet.

In any event, Prince George turned one Tuesday, and some adorable new photos of the future king were released to mark the occasion. See below:

Prince George and Parents
Prince George, now one year old, is fascinated by butterflies in this adorable new photo released by the royal family. Parents Kate and William look on proudly.

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If I were them, I would so mess with the pap & the rags. I would ask my friends to feed them all kinds of BS :)

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oh no, please now we have to look at her royal baby bump again for 9 month, and who knows what...get they royals off the page...it's enough.

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@ dora enow

I don't understand people like you... if you dislike them so much then why do you even click on the article? Do you realize that the more people click on the stories, the more stories you will get from them?

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there is no reason to believe YOU either as you cannot get her name and title correct.
Catherine is her name, not Kate. She hasn't been a Middleton since April 2011-its about time you stopped calling her that. The proper way to address her is Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. Anything else is pure disrespect and tabloid gossip.

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@ Marcia Tracy

why don't you move to the UK and you can have all day long news about the royal couple...we are royally sick and tired of them

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@ dora enow

You should say "I am royally sick and tired of them".. don't say "we"...not everyone is a hateful person like you!

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ok, my prayers worked out.

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