Kate Middleton: Clashing with the Queen?!?

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Kate Middleton may be the most universally liked female on the planet.

Seriously... Kate Middleton fashion? Kate Middleton as a mother? Kate Middleton bikini photos? Who doesn't adore all of these things and everything else about Prince William's better half?

The Queen herself, that's who.

Kate Middleton: Tormented by The Queen?

According to the new issue of Life & Style, the Duchess of Cambridge has endured “months of bullying about her parenting, overspending and wardrobe malfunctions.

The magazine quotes a totally real source who alleges the Queen has come down on Kate because she’s too much like Princess Diana… she has a “commoner” upbringing… and she dons a “skimpy" wardrobe.

Middleton has had enough," the tabloid hilarious writes. "And she’s leaving the palace."

To go where? That much is uncertain.

Five weeks ago, Life & Style published an erroneous cover report claiming that Kate was “98 pounds and pregnant” and in the midst of a “secret health battle.”

That didn't exactly prove to be true. So you'll forgive us if we include this issue among the following gallery:

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I wonder when this website will stop calling her Katherine Middleton. That hasn't been her name since she got married, and this website continuing (ad nauseam) to call her that makes me wonder about the rot they themselves publish.

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Kate is the 'Award' the royal family of England needs today!!

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"....... she’s too much like Princess Diana… she has a
“commoner” upbringing… and she dons a “skimpy" wardrobe.". WHAT ??? This STUPID article ought to be forced to retract those lies. Diana came from an upper-class,aristocratic family - in fact she had more British royal blood than any of the GERMAN "British" royal family. Diana did not have a "commoner" upbringing. And Diana did NOT have a "skimpy wardrobe" she had class. Diana was far superior to Waity the Middletrash Commoner/Flasher/Pervert. I hope the queen tosses Waity out of the family. I'm sick of seeing her butt in the news and those freaking wedgies too.

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@ royalparasites

While most of what you say about Diana, etc. - your screen name indicates your ignorance in that you don't understand THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY IS AND HAS FOR GENERATIONS BEEN WEALTHY IN THEIR OWN RIGHT!!!
They don't need a dime from British citizens, but their expenses do get paid - for the appearance schedule British Parliament itself sets for each of them (they don't keep their own calendar but go where Parliament tells them to go).
The Royals pay income tax on any earnings made on investments and such, just like any other Britisher, and THAT hardly makes them parasites of anyone or anything pal.

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@ royalparasites

What a hateful snob you are.

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@ take_a_chill_pill

Sounds like jealousy and snobbery built on ignorance and misinformation.

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