Kate Gosselin: Ridiculous Travel Demands Revealed!

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In his new tell-all book, author Robert Hoffman claims that Kate Gosselin used her kids to make her famous and had always planned on having as many children as possible in order to become a reality star.

If that was really Kate's sick plan (Gosselin claims Hoffman's book is fabricated, but has declined to sue), then it might help to explain why she's so intent on taking full advantage of her ill-gotten fame:

That Kate Gosselin Look

A newly released excerpt from Hoffman's Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World reveals a ridiculous list of demands Kate made while traveling to New York City to promote her TLC reality show, back when she was still married to Jon Gosselin.

"Not many people do 'rude' quite as well as Kate does," Hoffman writes. "Kate had some very specific demands for accommodations while traveling."

He then lists a series of bizarre stipulations that were submitted to TLC and had to be agreed upon before Kate would consent to stay at the upscale Essex House in NYC:

  • Kate required the same suite setup she stayed in on her last trio to NYC, but with an additional king room "DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR"
  • She also demanded a specific room number, noting, "A room down the hall even one room further will not work!!!"
  • As for meals, while the room service menu would be "fine" for breakfast, with regard to dinner Kate had specific demands for each night of the week 
  • Sample menu: "Wednesday: Kobe beef tips cooked medium to medium-well; steamed broccoli; mashed potatoes; organic blueberries; vanilla ice cream
  • Kate also requested that her room be stocked with a laundry list of items that were to be purchased only from Whole Foods, including "10 organic bananas" and "4 packages organic cheese sticks"

Kate concluded her list by explaining that all of these amenities would help "alleviate the stress of traveling."

Right. Because when you're being put up in a free suite in a luxury hotel, you need to do what you can to make it tolerable.

Kate Gosselin, Twins
Kate Gosselin is the mother of many kids. But she always put her financial and famous interests about theirs it seems.

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I dont really care for her but I think people are reaching... these arent too unreasonable!


If shew was traveling with her kids it doesn't seen ridiculous, but if alone then it is over the top


what can you expect of a super-Aries (April 1) -- that lady can rule the world!


I'd give her non-organic food and laugh when she couldn't tell the difference.


who cares?


I don't think there is a man on this planet that would even consider dating this lady.


I hate that woman