Kate Gosselin on Mothers With Multiples: Those People Are Retarded!

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In another email allegedly written by Kate Gosselin, tell-all book author Robert Hoffman claims the reality TV queen used the offensive term “retarded.”

In reference to other mothers of multiples, no less.

Nails on a Chalk Board

Hoffman claims to obtained emails written by Kate and writes about them with excerpts in his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

In one such telling email from 2006, an organization for moms with multiples allegedly reached out to Kate’s ex, Jon, to get them involved in their cause.

Jon forwarded Kate an email that he had received the day before from the coordinator the MOST forum (MOST stands for Mothers of Supertwins).

The forum coordinator, Patti T., asked Jon Gosselin if he would be willing to post something to introduce himself and his family on the forum.

Kate? Not too keen on that idea for whatever reason.

“It is not clear why Patti T.’s email annoyed Kate, but her curt response to Jon about it was ... well, Kate told him, ‘These people are retarded!’”

It’s not the first time Hoffman exposed Kate’s emails, one of which revealed a letter she wrote to the State of Pennsylvania after the sextuplets were born.

Kate claimed her children were disabled in order to get free health care, according to the author, who says he wants the truth about her to be told.

“We have eight children four years old and under. Our six youngest are 11 months old. In a sense our children (our six 11-month olds) are disabled,” she allegedly wrote.

“They cannot feed themselves ... bathe themselves, get a drink when they are thirsty, go to the bathroom by themselves, put themselves to bed or dress themselves.”

For her part, Kate says Hoffman's book is fabricated and untrue, while he maintains she is a greedy, child abusing monster who needs to be exposed.

In any case, she'll be back on our TV screens soon on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice (seriously), along with Brandi Glanville and others.

That Kate Gosselin Look
Doesn't it just make you a little bit ill? Yes, we thought so.


I'm no Kate fan, but it's retarded how we're not "allowed" to use the word retarded. I'm wondering if this post will be censored as Yahoo did when I responded to a silly little story about Kat Von D's new lipstick, Celebutard.

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I don't know why all the hate for Kate exist. She has 8 kids....it is freakin expensive to raise 1 kid alone....I applaud her for getting gigs and bringing in the dough. There is only 1 parent making money and that is kate. Jon is such a gross loser; anyone watch him on celebrity couple counseling? Holy cow he is a nut case. He is soooo obsessed with destroying kate- isn't he the one that doesn't pay child support? He looks like he goes off and on coke binges- that guy is a mess.

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"For her part, Kate says Hoffman's book is fabricated and untrue"
If it's all lies why not sue for defamation of character?

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"In any case, she'll be back on our TV screens soon on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice" Oh goodie, her absence from the spotlight has certainly left a void in my life.

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Mental retardation is at least an excuse for some. Kate Gosselin has no excuses.

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