Justin Bieber Posts Orlando Bloom Crying Photo to Instagram!

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber in Ibiza last night.

Since then, Justin has been taking subtle shots at Orlando via social media. 

First, Bieber posted a photo of Miranda Kerr to his Instagram page, seemingly to suggest that he had sex with Bloom's Victoria's Secret model ex-wife.

That post has since been deleted, but just hours ago Bieber took an even more direct jab at Bloom, by posting the below photo of the actor, seemingly in tears (or possibly just wiping something from his eye):

Bieber didn't provide any sort of caption for the image, but his followers have provided well over a thousand words to accompany the clearly malicious post.

Eye witnesses at the Ibiza restaurant report that Bieber retreated from the fight, but he seems to be in full attack mode now.

At this point it seems to be all out war between these two, though we may never know if if was Bieber's flirtations with Kerr, or rumors that Bloom dated Selena Gomez that ignited the conflict.

Either way, Bloom is certainly not alone on the list of celebrities who hate Justin Bieber:


Justin Bieber is a silly, grossly immature little boy. It's unfortunate that he has been paid huge sums of money for his dubious "talents". Unlike worthy human beings such as Will.i.Am who are intent on sharing their fortune and giving back to their communities, Justin will continue to fritter his money away on gold chains that weigh more than he does, and women twice as tall. His "Orlando Crying" photo looks more like Orlando rubbing his eyes because he's tired, or he's got a speck of dust in them. He's a boy who desperately wants to be a man, but acts more like a 7 year old girl (and the 7 year old girls I know are more intelligent).


.....the agressor in person, hahahahaha!!

Ken 69

If OB walked PAST the building JB would run and hide


Justin's followers? Lol. I'm so sure OB is crushed all those pre - pubescent girls are hating on him. I will respond on behalf of Orlando to JB and all his 'followers' in the appropriate Justin-speak so they can understand.
Orlando is rubber, you are glue.
Whatever you say, bounces off of Orlando AND
sticks to you.


And yet a restaurant full of people clapped when YOU left JB. Try as you might, you still come off as the fool in this fight. Especially with your relentless immature I posts. Grow the f up man or is the doucheness just in the genes? Selena stay far far away from drama queen JB.

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