Julie Tauber McMahon: Bill Clinton Mistress Revealed!

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Ronald Kessler claims his tell-all book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the American Presidents, is chock full of scandalous details about out nation's chief executive officers. 

Last week, Kessler revealed that Bill Clinton has a long term mistress who has been nicknamed "Energizer" by his service agents (we can only guess why).


Now, The National Enquirer claims to have identified Energizer as Julie Tauber McMahon - a 54-year-old mother of three living in Cappaqua, NY.

McMahon denies the affair, but her family and Chappaqua neighbors claim she's been enjoying international rendezvous with Clinton for several years.

"It became a running joke in the family," says a relative who reportedly passed a lie detector test administered by the Enquirer. "If Clinton traveled to London, we'd learn Julie was also visiting London. When Clinton went to France, we'd discover Julie was also in France."

Chappaqua residents (where both Clinton and McMahon reside) also confirmed that they've seen the two meet up at his home.

"They couldn't stay from each other," revealed a neighbor who claims to be a Clinton family insider. "They even slept in Hilary's bed!"

Kessler insists that his book is a non-partisan historical examination of the lives of recent presidents, but many have pointed out that the Clinton revelations seem suspiciously well-timed and may be part of an effort to sabotage Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.


Why would anyone want to look elsewhere when you have someone like Hillary waiting for you?


NOT to worry as we have another philanderer in waiting as a member of the Clinton class, Martin O'Malley! Be assured the local press won't report it! Maybe we can put our faith once again in the National Enquirer!


it's no secret, if he can bring a woman in the white house and do what he did why would anybody think differently? because it's bill clinton. most people don't want to believe that the pres they have put on pedestal would be a womanizer!


What a bunch of crock, it will just get worse as it gets closer to the election, I think it should be vetted and if un-true then this post and anyone with the development or sharing of the post should go to jail...or outright beaten with a willow stick,

@ insanityinutah

Your koolaid is ready...no doubt Monica is a fantasy too.

@ disqus_dy4eBlzY8p

Would have been a fantasy by the press without the blue dress!


Even Bill hates Hillary, just like the rest of America


We all knew he was fooling around with someone and it wasn't his wife. It was only a matter of whether the media would put it out there or cover for Hillary.


Oh...the Clintons... Please just go away, and take all your corruption and scandals with you. GoodBye Clintons.


She live in a trailer park? That's the type slick Willie is attracted to.


This just more proof that Hillary knows all about Bill's playing around and isn't bothered at all because she's a lesbian and has been for most of her life.

@ John King

hilary doesn't care, it's her ambition to be the first lady and pres of the united states is the most important think in her life.!

@ disqus_ewermPMJBA

".......hilary doesn't care, it's her ambition to be the first lady and pres of
the united states is the most important think in her life.!....." First...it's "Hillary", not "hilary"! Second...it's not her ambition to be the first lady, she already was! Third...it's her ambition to be the first female President of the United States, not "...her ambition to be the first lady and pres of
the united states..."!!! Lastly...It seems you have a grasp of the truth which is great. I ask that you take this passion you seem to have and find the facts that will show America is in a battle to save our freedom and liberty...and the enemy is not the Democratic party! The enemy of our way of governing America is in jeopardy from 1. Sharia Law as found in the Islamic Religion 2. Those currently in high political offices that have rule over the determination of what will become law in America...which are those in Congress and the White House that support the ideas found in the book "Rules for Radicals" 3. Any organization we can find that has a large number of their members seated in high places of our government...which are those seats found in Congress and the White House such as the C.F.R. Find out the truth and determine what can be done about this issue without creating a revolution that will give cause to the President to declare Marshall Law.

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